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Spa Water Treatment Has Never Been Easier!

  • Enjoy a Better, Healthier way to care for your spa!
  • No Testing – No Balancing – No Daily or Weekly Maintenance!
  • It’s Better for You, your Spa, and your Wallet!

No More Rash!

Quit Suffering from Dry, Itchy Skin, Chemical Odors and the Spa Rash caused by Harsh Chemicals.

Why are Our Prices So Low?

We were first to develop Chemical Free spa treatments so we have more customers than anybody else, and we manufacture our own products. Everything you need for your water is right here – or easy to find at your local market. We keep it simple. No more sorting through the hundreds of products lining the shelves at your Pool and Spa Supply.

The New Blue Natural Spa

For Spas / Hot Tubs: Easy to use, all natural enzyme spa water treatment. Keeps your water clean, clear, and comfortable with no toxic chemicals – no shocking – no pH balancing – no de-foamers – no clarifiers. ONE BOTTLE DOES IT ALL

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All NEW Mineral Spa Treatment

Turn your Hot Tub into a natural mineral bath. De-Tox while you relax! Use 3 oz per every 100 gallons. Treats up to 500 gallons. Lasts at least 6 months. OUR MOST POWERFUL SPA TREATMENT

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Crystal Clean

Citric acid based spa / hot tub cleaner that cleans your spa – effortlessly! Safe for all spas, heaters and components. Safe for you! Just open the lid and drop it in. Gets rid of corrosive chemical build up and hard water deposits.

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