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Oxy / Ion Whole House Filter

Clarity Water Products

Oxy / Ion Whole House Filter
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 Water Ionizer For The Whole House

Pure Water Without Toxic Chemicals!

Our Point-of-Entry Home Water Filtration System Controls Calcium, Bacteria and Scale. Best available chemical removal technology.

This volume and quality of water is not found in a reverse osmosis system for home water treatment. The protection no water softener can deliver: It treats all of your water, hot and cold, indoor and outdoor, for up to 20 years. Mixed media, dual electrode. Copper and Titanium electrodes in one chamber. System turns on automatically whenever water is used. Bottled water quality to every faucet, indoor and outdoor, hot and cold. No consumables for at least five years.

The most advanced home water filtration system -- state-of-the-art electronic ionization filter, combined with multimedia filtration and oxygen filter, deliver the highest quality water with bacterial control, for the most economical and practical residential applications. 

Replaces other chemical filtration systems. No iron filters, chemical feeders, or taste and odor filters. No changing tanks every month. No buying bottled water. Does not restrict or reduce your supply of water. Treats all the water. No maintenance costs -- no salt, filters or membranes. Our home water filtration system leaves in beneficial minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, and provides necessary nutrient levels of copper. This oxy/ion whole home water filter system prevents hard scale, by electrically changing minerals so they cannot bind together. The ionizing cell changes the hard calcium carbonate (CACO3) into its soft form of bicarbonate CA2H (CO3). Calcium is kept in this soluble form and will not convert to the hard form unless heated to 155 °F. Safely dissolves existing scale in your pipes, water heater and plumbing fixtures. Premium quality water means you use less soap or detergent for dishwashing, kitchen clean up, floors, baths and car washing. With this chemical-free water treatment solution, you use less laundry detergent, shampoo, hand soap and other cleaning agents. Wash your car or boat without leaving the hard spots you get from untreated water. Increase equipment life and drastically reduce maintenance problems for water heaters, coffee makers, dishwashers, icemakers, and all your plumbing and fixtures. Reduce your energy costs with more efficient equipment. The single greatest cause of equipment failure is scale and corrosion, which is no longer a problem with our oxy/ion water ionizer system. You'll love your water. Guaranteed 5 years of residential life -- filter media rated at 1,000,000 gallons. Replacement media is available through us, or your local water treatment service. There is no replacement plumbing required, with our home water filtration system. This unit can easily be moved from one residence to another. These systems are sized for up to a 5000 square foot, 4-bathroom home.

Removes chlorine, bromine, and other toxic pesticides from your water while providing a healthy mineral residual, for continuous good taste and protection. Price is for residential whole house; suitable for family of five. Quality water treatment. No iron filters, chemical feeders, or taste and odor filters. No changing tanks every month. No buying bottled water. All the water you need. Easy to Install -- 5 Year Warranty -- 100% Chlorine Free

 Whole House Water Ionizer Filter


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