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OXY / ION Well Water System

Clarity Water Products

OXY / ION Well Water System
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  • The Best Non-Salt, Non-Chemical Technology at Any Price.
  • The Only Choice for Outdoor Water 140 Item EPA ETL Lab Analysis available
  • Odor, Iron, and Calcium Control
  • Dual Media, Dual Electrode,
  • Triple Tank System

One and a half million gallon rated activated carbon and hydroxite filter tanks, with automatic timed back wash valves. Dual ionization and oxygen electrodes. Sand trap / oxidation tank.

Does your vendor want to sell you a salt system? Do they test your water in their own lab? Do they offer a money-back guarantee?

Do not put harmful brine or chemicals into your septic system. 99% of our well water installs discharge natural water to your drain field.

Our well water turbo has no equal in point-of-entry water treatment technology. Multiple mineral and chemical problems are addressed across wide pH and flow rates. No salt, chemical regeneration, ph modification or in-line flow restriction is required to deliver premium quality water, indoor and outdoor. Low level ionization residual remains in all your plumbing lines.

  • Iron/manganese combinations: 6.5 to 9.0 ph
  • Hydrogen Sulfide: Always
  • Organic Iron: High Flow Rates

Bottled water quality to every faucet, indoor and outdoor, hot and cold. No consumables for at least 6 years.

The Well Turbo Point-of-Entry System is the most advanced method of water treatment with state-of-the-art electronic ionization, oxidation, and multimedia filtration.

Ionization has been used in industrial applications for over 60 years, and now with select media filtration and oxygen it is the economical and practical choice for residential applications.

Replaces the water softener, iron filter, chemical feeder, particle filter, odor filter and under-counter filter that other companies want to sell you. These items all need regular maintenance. Eliminates the need for bottled water. No other water treatments needed. Does not restrict, limit or otherwise reduce your supply of water.

Treats all the water in your home or business, and eliminates the need for a salt softener or under sink reverse osmosis system. Eliminate the hassles and the costs involved with salt, filters, or membranes. Does not remove beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium, and introduces residual ionization.

Prevents hard scale by electrically charging the minerals so they cannot bind together. Conditions the calcium to keep it in its soft form as calcium bicarbonate. Dissolves existing scale in your pipes, water heater, and plumbing fixtures. Calcium is reverted and kept in soluble bicarbonate form CA2H(CO3) and does not convert to the hard carbonate (CACO3) below 155 degrees F.

Premium quality water means less detergent for dish washing, laundry, kitchens, bathrooms, and general cleaning, and you’ll use less shampoo and soap with great results!

Increases equipment life and drastically reduces maintenance problems for water heaters, coffee makers, dishwashers, ice makers, and plumbing equipment. Energy costs will be reduced by equipment efficiency. The single greatest cause of mechanical equipment failure is scale and corrosion, which is eliminated by ionization, oxygenation and proper filtration.


Residual ionic protection in all of your plumbing based on NASA technology.
The Well Water Ionizer System creates charged particles called ions. Mineral ions are safe and essential for humans, plants and animals.
Natural oxygen is formed ahead of the media filters. Odors and bad tastes  go away. A simple backwash valve will allow at least 8 years of residential life (1.5 million gallon rated) of your activated carbon. Replacement media can be easily obtained from us or your local water treatment professional. No replacement plumbing required. This unit is portable and can easily be moved from one residence to another. Our standard well water ionizer system is sized for 1″ pipe and up to a 5000 square foot, 4 bathroom home.

Easy to Install: 5 Year Warranty

All models are easy to install, similar to replacing a water heater. Plumb into the main incoming line and all your water is filtered, ionized and oxygenated. 2-6 hour estimated install time. Our technical support personnel are available seven days a week, 9 hours a day to assist by phone with your installation.

Our Well Point-of-Entry Goes Further Than Any Municipal Government

Municipal governments by state law are required to deliver you a quality of water regulated under Federal law. We believe they are coming up short. The Federal standards ignore known health risks and are compromised by the infrastructure built on 1950’s technology. Chlorine and chloroform are known carcinogens and yet remain the accepted sanitation method. Our system does not rely on chlorine with its toxic byproducts and adds residual ionization and oxygen throughout your entire house.

You Want Chlorine Out of Your Drinking Water

Chlorine is under attack not only from health conscious consumers and environmental groups, but also the Federal government itself. The EPA is now enacting the Disinfectant / Disinfection By-products Rule to minimize or eliminate the use of chlorine and other toxic chemicals used in municipal water treatment.

To meet requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act, an increasing number of water utilities nationwide are switching away from chlorine as a primary disinfectant. This trend has clearly accelerated since the Cryptosporidium scare in Milwaukee. New information and awareness on the environmental and human health concerns over the use of chlorine are forcing state health agencies to rethink and restrain the use of chlorine, bromine and other halogens for all forms of water treatment.

Dual Electrode – Three Tank Well Water Ionizer System