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Chemical Mixing Tank

Chemical Mixing Tank
  • $ 529.00

THE PERFECT chemical-mixing / retention system for the highest performance in all well water applications. A Unique System - with 2 built in mixing chambers and a swirl chamber, that reduce a drop of water to hundreds of micro bubbles, allowing incoming chemicals to mix and react 5 times faster than in a "standard" retention tank. Also removes sand and sediment! Much smaller than "standard" retention tanks: Only 12 inches of floor space . (Tank is 12" dia x 60" high) This system is constructed of all Polyglass, Noryl, and PVC materials. It is pre-plumbed, 1-inch throughout and has a 3/4" drain valve to drain away oxidized metals, organics, sand and shale. For hydrogen sulfide removal you can easily add air injection because the tank already has a tapped port built in and capped off.
Finally we add our best 2 ½ cu ft mixed media automatic backwashing Maxi-Cure filter to remove the Chlorine, heavy metals, bad tastes, odors and oxidized contaminants that are in your water - with the very best internal Patented ESF Power Cell for scale free, soft, wonderful water!

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