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Eco Master® for Spas - UV Sterilizer Combined with Ozone

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Eco Master® for Spas - UV Sterilizer Combined with Ozone
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Prozone announces the next generation in water treatment. The Eco Master® combines state-of-the-art, germicidal UV with Ozone and Advanced Oxidation Processing to deliver the most powerful non-chemical, non-chlorine, non-mineral oxidation and purification available for pools and spas. The Eco Master®’s patented hybrid technology is light years ahead of traditional UV or Ozone. The Eco Master®, like all of Prozone’s designs, features an all-in-one design for easy installation. Dynamic flow venturi injectors are available in multiple sizes to accommodate the flow rate. The system is covered by eighteen US patents, international patents, and patents pending.

The Eco Master® is the newest in our catalog of eco-friendly, easy to maintain, and cost-efficient products. Whether it is for the home spa or the commercial facility with a heavy bather load, Prozone systems deliver clear, pure water that won’t irritate bathers or corrode surrounding surfaces.

Chemical-free and clean…it truly is the ideal spa experience.


Features an All-In-One Compact System
UV-C Germicidal Sterilization
Patented AOP Hybrid Technology
Ozone and Hydroxyl Purification
AOP Sanitation
Multi-voltage, Universal Ballast
Inline or By-Pass Installation
Static Mixer
Patented dynamic Venturi Injector

Eco Master® for Spas Specification
External Housing – 6061-T6 Aluminum Extrusion
Integrated Dynamic Venturi Injector
AOP Hybrid lamps
Spas to 800 gal: One 180 mm length Hybrid arc tube
Ballast single 120 or 240

Spa: 8.5”X 6” X 3.5” or Custom Design
NEMA Plug or 3 Wire Pigtail
Pure Quartz Glass AOP Chamber to Maximize UV-C
Low maintenance-Teflon coating
Long-life – Full 2-year warranty, 20,000-hour lamp life
Internal reflective aluminum surface to maximize
Ozone and UV-C performance

Injector Performance Data

PZ 684 3 PSI 3 LPM
PZ 784 (std) 3 PSI 6 LPM
PZ 884 3 PSI 9 LPM