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Garden N Grow

Garden N Grow
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The popular trend for gardening is to make your vegetation and plants healthy by pre-treating your water with water filters for organic gardening. Such water filters for gardening need to remove chlorine from the water that can be detrimental to the soil and plants that produce your vegetables. Chlorinated water will minimize and kill the microbiology in the soil. A water filter for gardens will easily remove chlorine allowing your soil to work together with vegetation to produce a healthier, mineral and vitamin rich food from your garden.

The benefits of using a Guard’n Grow Organic Water Filter include:
  • Eliminating micronutrient-destroying chlorine from water
  • Reduce costs - no more organic or regular plant food needed ever - JUST WATER
  • Providing high-quality filtered water free of contaminants for organic gardening 
  • Removing chlorine from water allows the microbiology of the soil to convert minerals into nourishment for plants
  • Provides 99% chlorine-free water
  • Well-nourished plants provide nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables
  • Long life and use provides 8000 minutes of watering (equivalent to 8 months for a 12x12 or 25,000 gallons)
  • An economically sound watering system that generates mineral-rich food for plants for about 1/3 cent per gallon of water. One gallon of fertilizer costs an average of $36.42 - the average gardener using 3-4 gallons in a season - that is a savings of more than $109.26 alone.
  • Easy to use apparatus attaches to garden hoses 
  • Filtering media is 100% recyclable


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