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Iron Man 150

Clarity Water Products

Iron Man 150
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Prolong the life of your well water filter and water softeners - Sediment pre-filters are available for all our water softeners . If your well produces sediment, sand, and solid debris we can include our sediment pre-filter to protect iron filters, water softeners, and prevent damage to pumps or control valves, etc. We also offer (2) 40lbs bags of Potassium Pellets to get you started. Adds NO Sodium to your drinking water.
  • For applications where continuous soft water is desired or in high water hardness situations where high salt usage is likely or high iron problems exist see our Twin Alternating Iron Man.
  • We offer free shipping on all of our residential well water filters and include complete easy to read step by step installation instructions. We make it easy for you and ship the Iron Man fully assembled with filtration media already in the tank. It's complete and ready to plumb!
This is a self-backwashing system that automatically removes the trapped contaminants within the filter bed and washes them away. This is accomplished with the electronic control valve that is mounted on top of the Iron Man. This valve uses a meter that calculates the amount of water being used. Once the meter reaches the programmed amount of gallons it starts the backwash and cleaning cycle. The Fleck ProFloSE Digital Control Valve is the finest valve on the market! We also offer a mechanical (dial) version of this control valve. The Iron Man is fully shipped with filtration media already in the tank. You DO NOT have to pour it in. We ship complete and ready to plumb. We also offer the Fleck 2510 Manual non-electric backwashing valve with the Iron Man. This valve is perfect where power requirements are a concern. Call for details 1-800-860-2477. The system connects to the main line of your home and filters all the incoming water to it. It requires a nearby power outlet for the control valve. Low maintenance. Just add sodium or potassium pellets to brine tank. The Iron Man VS. Standard Water Softeners: The Iron Man utilizes fine mesh resin on a base of fine garnet or Pyrolox. This fine resin creates a filter that is about five times more effective than standard resins so it does a good job of ferric iron removal with polishing by the media base. The effectiveness on ferrous iron is a function of resin kinetics --- the more often and completely the water touches the resin, the more iron is removed. Kinetics in turn is a function of the surface area of the resin --- area is about 5x greater in fine mesh vs. standard resin. The kinetics is equally important during regeneration. The brine is used more effectively thus the resin cleans better and uses the salt more efficiently. The same concept used for the ferrous iron applies to the removal of hardness.
  • Our own exclusive design will soften your hard water and remove Iron, Manganese, and other problem metals.
  • The whole house Iron Man provides crystal clear, soft iron free water at every tap in the house
  • Removes up to 110 grains per gallon hardness (1,881 ppm or mg/L)
  • Removes up to 25ppm (mg/L) Iron ( Ferrous & Ferric)
  • Removes 2ppm of manganese
  • Prevents Staining on Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures
  • Prevents Staining on Dishes, Dishwasher, Washing Machine & Clothes
  • Reduces Existing Scale Buildup
  • Prevents Hard Water Scale
  • Higher Quality Drinking Water
  • Simple to Install - Connects to the Main Supply Line of your House
  • Significantly Reduces Soap & Cleaning Product Consumption
  • Provides Excellent Grooming & Cosmetic Benefits
  • Reduces Water Heating Costs
  • Prolongs the Life of Water Heaters - Ice makers - Dishwashers - Coffee makers - Plumbing Fixtures
  • Keeps Glassware & Silverware Sparkling
  • Household Cleaning & Maintenance is Reduced
  • Clothes are Brighter & Cleaner
  • Optional Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cover Protects Against Harmful UV Rays
  • For hydrogen sulfide removal we recommend chlorinating your well before installing this system and adding an Air Pump or Chemical Feed system. This is a fairly simple process and we give you easy to follow step by step instructions.
  • We also offer the Fleck 2510 Manual non-electric backwashing valve with the Iron Man. This valve is perfect for cabins, cottages, or homes where power requirements are a concern.