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The SWT-100 features the same core driver found in both the SWT-Pool and the SWT-POE. Packaged in a palm-sized enclosure, it offers an extremely compact, low-cost solution. Features
  • High-power, intelligent driver.
  • Automatically adapts to water conductivity.
  • Plate current monitoring and indicator.
  • Automatic plate-cleaning circuit.
  • Optional flow switch.
The SWT-100 does not provide any internal means to switch between two sets of plates, like the SWT-Pool. This means that it is intended to drive one set of plates continuously. It also does not have a pH control option. We offer this solution for the following, Oxy-only applications:
  • Spa
  • To supplement an ECOsmarte system when the customer can not obtain clear water (a common problem)
  • Lower-cost, single-plate set driver for a pool.
The SWT-100 system includes a controller and power supply. (An Oxy or Ion chamber can be purchased separately.)

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