Clarity Water Products is your source for clean, healthy, chemical-free water. We have natural hot tub products, which are healthy alternatives to the hot tub chemicals commonly sold for cleaning and maintenance. Those typically-harsh chemicals can often give you a “hot tub rash”. Our hot tub treatment systems, however, are safe even for the most sensitive skin. Our new Mineral Spa has been proven to outperform salt water hot tubs at a fraction of the cost!

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We are water treatment professionals, specializing in chemical-free water treatment systems and products. Since 1995, we have been helping our customers maintain their water with less work, fewer problems, and no toxic chemicals. We will show you how to truly enjoy your pool or spa with the least amount of effort. Literally tens of thousands of pool and spa owners no longer use Bromine, Chlorine, or Biguanide, and it's because of the knowledge and expertise that we will share with you about natural water filtration systems. Chemical-free is all we do, and our years of experience in this specialized field of water treatment allow us to bring you the best products for healthier, cleaner, more comfortable water.

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Clarity Water Products is located in Vista, California, a suburb of America’s Finest City; San Diego. Here in the Sycamore Business District we are neighbors to many water treatment companies such as GE Water Technologies, Applied Membranes, KISS International and others. This is also the home of the world’s foremost hot tub manufacturers such as Hot Springs, Caldera, Dimension One and Beachcomber. These companies are just a walk up the street from us. Our relationship with these companies continues to contribute greatly to our development of chemical-free, healthy water treatment products

100% Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Our products are guaranteed to perform to the highest standards, and are simply the best products for the best price.

Healthier Water

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Be Good to Yourself: Surround Yourself in Healthier Water

We don’t sell pool chemicals or hot tub supplies, salt water pools, salt water hot tubs or spa accessories – we sell water treatment products that save you from exposure to poisonous chemicals like Bromine, Chlorine and Biguanide. We also have the experience and education necessary to help you make the best choices for you and your family in how to treat your water. We can make your swimming pool chemical free, improve your salt water pool and offer better solutions to a salt water hot tub

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