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Water Discoloration and Cloudiness

Water Discoloration and Cloudiness

"We are experiencing water discoloration and cloudiness. Yesterday I cleaned the filters, they did appear to be yellowing and the yellowing rinsed right off, but again this morning the spa looks yellow and cloudy.   I ran the jets for a few hours and it appears to be clearing, but a yellowish/brown tint is still there.  I see that I can use potassium shock, and I have added one capful, but am hesitant due to the rashes.  Will the Potassium shock be an ongoing addition or just until the cloudiness/discoloration dissipates.  Also, does the usage of potassium affect the quality/efficiency of mineral spa/ natural spa in any way? Your recommendations are appreciated." - Carol 
The Potassium Shock does not affect the quality of the enzymes or minerals, though in your case I would recommend you use Hydrogen Peroxide as a Shock/Oxidizer to insure no skin irritation.
The color in your water is the normal function of the minerals as they bond to contaminants in the water and form micro-clusters to be filtered out, so always remove and rinse the filter of any accumulation before adding Shock so you are not dissolving these contaminants back into the water.
If a film develops on the walls of the spa it is, again, the agglomerated mineral/contaminants. Just brush it back into the water so it will be filtered out.
Once the minerals have removed the colored contaminants the water will clear and the color will be back to normal.
Keep in mind that there are now more minerals in your water, so a hint of color may remain, and is quite normal. Only chemically bleached water is the bright, clear blue that we have become accustomed to; in its natural state water always has a hue that reflects its mineral content.
After the water clears, which may take a few days, regular additions of the Natural Spa (1 ounce) and Mineral Spa (1/2 ounce the next day) will keep it healthy and clean. It may get a little hazy after adding the Natural Spa (after every 6 bather uses) but will be nice and clear again in a day or two.