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We no longer have a Customer Rating System on our site, (1 to 5 Stars at the bottom of the page - you know what they look like) as it cost hundreds of dollars a month, so we ran it for a year and here are the comments our customers made (excuse the typos - I have posted them exactly as submitted).  Cal Robinson


This product works exactly as described! Amazing! Customer Service is also excellent! Thank you! I can use my SPA again! Candy

Candy S. 

Your products have changed my hut tubbing experience significantly. I am responsible for maintaining the tub and now there is very little of that.

Tom N. 

I love this product and will use it as long as I have a spa

Crystal C. 

Excellent product, works exactly as it says it does! I look forward to getting the mineral spa treatment next time. John Ventura CA.

John R. 

tried a lot off things .but we love this

Bradley M. 

This product is amazing! I have suffered from very bad rashes from chemicals in the past. I am. Able to enjoy. SPA without any worries! Thanks for such a great product! Candace Stoughton

Candy S. 

Was very impressed!!! Cleared the water up almost immediately did not have thew odor of chlorine which is fantastic. Would encourage everyone to use Clarity Water Products.

HC P. 

My husband and I haave loved using your product. Prior to using the Natural Minerals in our hot tub, I had been experiencing skin irratation and a rash all over my body. Since we changed to Natural Minerals, I have had no problem what so ever. Not to mention how it makes the water feel against you skin. I would encourage any one to try this first, you will never go back to using harsh chemicals.

Glenda P. 

Working great so far, want more! Love the lack of a strong odor when we open the spa and our skin has recovered from the bromine!

Doug B. 

Natural Spa is awesome. Takes care of my frequently used hot tub for a good 4-6 weeks...and then some! I love the fact that it is low-maintenance, natural, and chemical-free. I wouldn't use anything else!

Peter F. 

The owner, Cal, is just wonderful. I had an issue with a product and he solved it right away. Great customer service! I love the product too. Hate using chemicals in my hot tub. This is a million times better!

Trisha B.

The stuff is amazing. I love using my hot tub as it is very low maintenance now. Cal is a great guy, it has a lot of patience to answer all your questions. I was very skeptical at first. I've been using this for going on three years now.

Kai C.

I Love the Natural Spa Hot Tub Solution !!!! It is so wonderful to know that I'm not sitting in a chemical laden hot tub. When I found this company I was so excited, since I use natural products most of the time for skin care, food, and medically. The products come fast and I've never had any issues with them in the 1 1/2 years I've been using them.

Donna G. 

Been using there Hot Tub product for 5 years now excellent product the best I have used.

Brian B. 

Great product and great service.

J. Kenneth R 

 since using this product I have not had a rash and my hot tub stay clear and clean with no maintance.

 Kim W. 

This is an amazing company. When I first got my hot tub, I used the chemicals that came with the unit and it was awful! I came across Clarity Water Products on the web in my desperation to stop a recurring spa rash and continual cloudy water despite use of the hundreds of dollars in spa chemicals I had purchased. Since using Clarity Water's products (going on 3 years now), I have had ZERO spa rash, my skin is soft, I am relaxed, and it's a breeze to keep my spa water clear and sparkling. To top it all off, the owner answers all calls for help personally and goes above and beyond to answer your questions. Listen, I NEVER write reviews unless a product just knocks me off my feet and greatly improves my quality of life. This one did, with flying colors! Thank you so much :-).

Lori O. 

I have been using the Natural Spa product for several years, and it gives me perfect peace of mind: 1. Virtually no maintenance - dump a bottle once a month (I use it daily, so for others it may be less frequent). 2. Health - no toxins. Just enzymes to digest the bad stuff in the water. Cal provided excellent support until I got the system right (you need to shock the spa with chlorine after changing water, and wait long enough for it to dissipate before putting the natural spa bottle. Thank you! Gil

Gil H

A year ago my husband got a rash from the chemicals we were using in the hot tub. So I did a research on the Internet for something more natural. Thank god I found Clarity Water's Natural Spa. We have used this since April 2014 and it is the best no more rash for hubby. Thank you Cal Robinson for a GREAT PRODUCT!!!!


Very helpful!! Every time I would call about a question I would get a quick answer. This is definitely the way to go if you own a hot tub. I now feel safe letting my 2 yr. old swim in the "hot pool." Thanks for all the help in getting me started on your wonderful product.

Stephanie F.

Easy ordering process, fast delivery, great product! I have already recommended and converted others as well. Highly recommend!!

Cyndi S.

My tub has been virtually maintenance free after getting the water balanced 9 months ago. The water has stayed clear and balanced through the heat of the summer and now during the winter months. I have highly recommended Natural Spa to many of my friends who own Spas. Great product!

Rick H.

We were so excited about our used hot tub until we unloaded the box of chemicals that the previous owner gave us with the spa. At least 15 bottles of "up" this & "down" that and test strips. Made it look more like work than enjoyment. We tried to get water right with all that and all we did was make chlorine smelling soup that burned our eyes when we opened cover. Ordered the starter kit of Natural Spa, Crystal Clean & Non-chlorine shock and started over with a helpful phone call from Cal. Has been perfect and easy to keep that way ever since. Will not use anything else in our hot tub!

Matt M.

We had a little difficulty getting our order, however, I emailed Clarity Water Products and they made sure my order was shipped ASAP. I appreciate the help I received and the quick response. Thank you, Sue Albers & Greg Franklin

Sue A. 

This company is excellent! They solved our problem finding a chlorine/bromine free solution for a wood hot tub -- Mineral Spa. Cal was very helpful in picking up the phone and answering my questions even at odd hours.

Jim F.

Great service fast shipping the best product for a jacuzzi

Barry B.

I have now used the spa treatment for two years with excellent results. Upon each water change I shock the spa with powdered clohrine, wait 3 or 4 days and the add one bottle of the spa treatment. No other treatment is required until 60 days alter I add another bottle of the spa treatment. No other chemicals, no testing and very clear water. The spa is ued once or twice per week. I travel a lot so the system is excellent with my schedule. I live in the Midwest so winter water changes happen in the late fall and not again until March or more likely April. In spite of the long water change the spa treat is able to keep the spa crystal clear. No clohrine smell.

Larry F

Our spa sparkles! This is an effortless way to keep the water crystal clear and without that chemical odor. We are thrilled that we made this discovery.

Barbara E.

I have been a customer for over 1 year. I have enjoyed your product so much that I have two other people that use it now. I have b=owned a hot tub for the past9 years. the most frustrating thing was dealing with testing and adding chemicals a weekly basis. I tried the Clarity product over a year a go and found it to be very easy to manage. It is so easy a caveman can do it! If you hate dealing with the chemicals every week then this is a product for you. It is very easy and it just flat out works. Thank you, you make owning a hot tub easy. Always having crystal clear water is a joy.


Until I discovered Clarity Water products we rarely used our hot tub. My wife hated the bromine feel and smell. Now we use it very often. Crystal clear water, no odor and smooth feeling skin equals a great spa experience. This plus never having to deal with PH levels takes the hassle out of keeping the tub perfect. One bottle last us at least 4 months so it's a great value also. You'll love this product!

Travis M. - 11/13/2014

Great product, knowledgeable staff

Kevin B

In my first year of owning my spa and using a bromine system, I was ready to put it out on the curb and leave it there. I never had chance to enjoy my spa because I spent so much time (and money) trying to keep it clean and fresh. If I had not found Clarity Water Products, I would no longer have a spa. The products from Clarity Water Products have been a life saver. I love these products and would HIGHLY recommend to anyone on the fence to BUY THEM! My water is always clean. I do not have to "balance it" non-stop. If I leave for vacation I come back to a clean hot tub and not a foamy mess. PH up, PH down, foam reducer, Alk increaser and decreaser are no longer in my vocabulary. I know it sounds to good to be true that one bottle can do it all, but it can. Try it! You will never go back. All I have now is a wonderful, clean, low worry spa that I can enjoy!!!!! In addition, I do not smell of chemicals when I exit the spa. Thank you for developing and selling this product for all to enjoy.

Andrea T.

I have been using this product for approximately one year and I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product! It does everything it claims to do. No itchy skin, no chemical smell, no rash.

Gabrielle N.

I love the Natural Spa products and would recommend them to anyone tired of the smell and feel of bromine or chlorine. It is easy to use and with only one product to put in my hot tub I no longer have a cupboard full of hot tub product to take care of problems. Natural Spa does it all. No more smell, no more scum or foam and no more itchy skin. Cal has been very helpful with his knowledge of water quality and is always ready to answer any questions I have. I won't ever go back to anything else.

Maryanne V.

I've been using Clarity in my spa for at least 6 or 7 years. It's amazing stuff. No bromine odor, no weekly adjusting of chemicals. It's easy to maintain the spa and leaves your soft. Love it!

Diana S.

I have been using Mineral Spa product from Clarity Products since 2013 going on 2 years now. I have had Hot Tubs for over 15 years. I call the Mineral Spa product the forgetaboutett additive. Follow the simple directions dump in the bottle and for get about it for 6 to 8 months, no chemicals, de-foamer, ph. up or down, bromine, chlorine no nothing, feels great on your skin water is crystal clear, smells fresh and saves a lot of Money. You cant go wrong just clean and change your filter because that's how this stuff works it pulls all the impurities together in the tub then it catches real good in the filter.

Michael C.

We have used Clarity Water products exclusively in our spa for 14 years. We have no more itch from chlorine or bromide, no need to shower after each spa use. There is no more chlorine smell.Our filter is less dirty, and can be cleaned quickly with a garden hose. The life of the each filter has been doubled. If jewelry is inadvertently left on, it is not affected adversely as it was by chlorine.

Robert C.

This is the real deal. My levels of pH are almost always ideal and the tips to balance are perfect. I love that I can have my spa natural and Cal is very responsive both with service on the phone to answer questions and delivery!

Kary P. 

I've had a Bullfrog Spa for over ten years. We've disinfected with silver ions in conjunction with an occasional non-chlorine shock; chlorine in combination with ozonation and until recently a Leisure Time product called "Free" and is often referred to as a biguanide product. The "Free" is by far the very worst of those options, generating a sticky, greeny-yellow bubble gummy by-product everywhere along the water line, clogging all the components of your tub, that no matter how you balance your spa water, and I have advanced water chemistry training, sticks in your hair, ruins bathing suits, and causes extreme respiratory issues if inhaled. Clarity Water Products is the best. I use the Clarity Water product Mineral Spa in conjunction with Ancient Minerals magnesium chloride salt product which when processed by a Prozone chlorine salt generator/ozonator unit, turns your tub into a therapeutic experience.

Stephen T. 

We have not owned a hot before now (bought a used one). Was unsure what to use but we felt since Clarity Water Products were natural, we thought we would give them a try. Could not be easier to use and we are very happy with the results. No dried out skin,very clear water, and water feels good. Water is not slimmy at all. Eyes do not burn either. Great products, David & Rebecca

David S.

Love the change from smelly bromine. No more itching!!!! Yay

Paula L.

Used my first start up kit Oct.2013. Ordered another in January 2014.I like not smelling like a chemical bath when we get out. Fast & friendly service. Doing a water change now so were set for the winter Aug 26 2014. Two thumbs up Natural Spa.

Santa W.


Dawn K.

Excellent product. After useing for 6 months the water is still crystal clear and no skin rash. Normally I get skin rash under my arms after 3 months. Luv it.

Jim S.

I was tired of putting chemicals in my above ground pool and I found this company and the mega disk. I put it in last year and went 5 months with clean healthy water and no chemicals. I just bought one for this year and am hoping for the same.

Matt S.

I've been using Mineral Spa for a couple of years now and couldn't be happier. It's amazing how easy it is to maintain a crystal clear spa. What I like the most is relaxing in a mineral spa instead of a chemical spa.

Cynthia G.

Always a good site to order from, very clear on what their products do. Love the products.

Bonnie S.

Great experience !! Products shipped in a timely manner. Had questions so I called and spoke to Cal who was a wealth of information. I have recommended these products to other friends with hot tub. I am very happy with the products and will continue to buy them in the future. I really enjoy using my hot tub again. Thanks Clarity Water !!!

Linda P.

I have been using the "Natural Spa" cleaner for the past 2 years, and am very happy with it. It took me several tries to get it right, and Cal was very helpful with advice. Once I got it right, it never fails. I put a bottle every 5 weeks for a 400 galon spa that I use daily for 10-20 minutes, and it stays perfect. I use no other chemical and don't do any water tests - very easy! The water is very clear and my body feels the same as after taking a shower - feels very healthy on my body. I tend to be very particular about health & simplicity, and can't imagine switching to any other product.

Gil H.

Excellent product. Feels great and easy to maintain. Cals advice and help has been right on and prompt every time. Recommend Clarity Water Products and do to everybody.

William E. 

Love your product! It is a joy to use our spa without the horrible bromine fumes. Maintenance is a breeze and the product is easy on the budget compared to all of the chemicals I had to use before.

Ellen R.

best service , best products , fast delivery.

Howrd N.


Michael C.

This spa product is so easy to use, great product, amazing customer service.

Brenda C.

so far excellent - we don't get out of the spa smelling like chlorine or bromine - one can get help immediately when calling the office on the process to start the treatment - once you know the routine it really works great - thanks

George M.

Clarity products have provided a remarkable alternative to the rough chemical feel and odor of either chlorine or bromine -- it's like bathing in pure water. Cal Robinson has also been completely responsive in explaining to me how enzymes work, and also in supplying me with the Clarity products that have proven more effective, less expensive, and substantially more gentle than what I have used in the past.

Greg P.

My wife and I are heavy spa users that chlorine got severe hot tub rash. With Clarity Water Products and potassium we have been able to maintain the heavy use without the hot tub rash. Product life is about the 90 days but spa should be drained and cleaned every 90 days. We will continue to use Clarity Water Products as it is the only product we have found that doesn't give us hot tub rash.

Robert S Jr 

Always a pleasure doing business with Clarity. You can depend on honest answers and good advice.

Robert G 

I love the product and will tell everyone I know that has a hot tub.

Robert G.

"Natural Spa is wonderful! I no longer have that slimy feeling when we used chemicals, and no more chemical smell. It is less expensive and definitely less maintenance. My skin feels smooth now when I get out of the spa and there is no more need for a shower."

Sharon B. - San Diego, CA

"Boy! That stuff is great!! No worries or testing of water."

Rick & Kathy W. - Upland, CA

"Besides the fact that we no longer have to mess with Chlorine & muriatic acid and never getting that "balance" just right. My tan doesn’t fade!! We love it!"

Giana V. - Costa Mesa, CA

"We love your product! We no longer have to worry about taking our 11 month old son in the Jacuzzi. No more Chlorine film on your skin. Thank you!"

Amy W. - San Diego, CA