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The Natural Spa is available directly from our facilities in Vista, California.

We deliver to thousands of homes in the U.S. and internationally by mail for the same low price you pay locally.

One call and the Natural Spa is on its way, making your life easier, healthier, and a lot more comfortable.

Call 800-860-2477 to Order

9am to 7pm Pacific Time, 7 days.


It’s more than likely that your spa salesman or serviceman has never heard of or used the Natural Spa. This is not unusual, as the product was introduced exclusively into Southern California in March of 1995. Our local customers have been telling their family and friends just how good it is, and we have them to thank for our now having customers all across the Nation and now in a few foreign countries.

Have your spa professional call us and we will gladly send them information, and invite them to stock the product in their store.

Call 800-860-2477 to Order

9am to 7pm Pacific Time, 7 days.

Remember, though, that our products are designed for the benefit of you, the spa owner - not the retailer. Once you start using the Natural Spa you will no longer need all those other specialty chemicals the spa dealer sells, because you won't have the problems that they are designed to solve. So you won't need to visit their store every month or so. And most dealers want you to come visit as often as possible.

Your spa cover, the pump, the heater, and all of the components of your spa are going to last much longer in this non-corrosive, non-caustic environment. So maybe you won't need to have it fixed as often. Or replace the cover. Or buy a new spa as soon. There are lots of reasons you will like the Natural Spa.

We welcome new dealers/distributors; please call or email for more information!

If your local retailer does not yet stock the Natural Spa, have them call us to become an authorized dealer.

Call 800-860-2477 to Order

9am to 7pm Pacific Time, 7 days.