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Do I leave the filter in while cleaning?

  • Take the filter out of the housing but leave it in the spa water to soak clean. The water will flow faster with the filter out and the hot tub will run fine with or without the filter.

When do I use the Chlorine Free Shock?

  • If needed and as needed to get rid of odors or cloudy water. Use 1 tablespoon after use to eliminate odors, up to 4 tablespoons a day for up to 3 days to solve cloudy water issues

What should my pH be?

  • If you are on City Water your pH has been adjusted by your Municipal Water District; don’t add any chemicals to change it – ever.
  • If you are on well water adjust the pH to 6.5 to 7.5 before adding the bleach (or Chlorine) this one time, then do not adjust it again – ever.

Will it work with ozone?

  • We love ozone – it works well with our enzymes and minerals to eliminate odors and clear water quicker.

Can I use Hydrogen Peroxide?

  • Yes, it will do the same thing as Potassium Shock and is gentle on the skin – use ½ cup after use for odors, (brown bottle; 3%), up to 2 cups daily for 3 days for cloudy water.

The filter becomes coated with a tan film; is that normal?

  • The enzymes and minerals bond to contaminants in the water to make them larger so they will get caught in the filter; to be digested or removed when cleaning the filter. This is normal.

Will it work in an inflatable tub?

  • Absolutely! You will have vinyl oils in these tubs which cause them to get slippery after a while – the solution then is to add some bleach to destroy the oils, then add more spa treatment and continue on, or better yet, to add some Cascade and drain, then start with new water.

How much do I use?

  • Natural Spa: 4 ounces per 100 gallons of water.
  • Mineral Spa: 3 ounces per 100 gallons of water.
  • Crystal Clean: 4 ounces per 100 gallons of water.
  • Cascade: 3 ounces per 100 gallons of water.

The instructions say to use bleach or Chlorine – I thought this was a non- Chlorine system?

  • Nothing is as destructive as Chlorine, so we like to use it one time in new water to insure that the new water is as clean and sterile as possible.

Can I shock the water with Potassium Shock instead of bleach?

  • When filling with new water we recommend using bleach or Chlorine granules to insure the water is as clean as can be.
  • Chlorine-Free Shock is not as fast or as strong as bleach; if you insist on not using Chlorine add 2 ounces a day of Potassium Shock daily for 3 days after filling with new water.
  • Once you start using your spa use Chlorine-Free Shock, and then only if needed, to enjoy clean, clear water without harsh chemicals.

When do I put it in?

  • With fresh water put in the Natural Spa or Mineral Spa when the Chlorine smell is gone or the test strips show less than 1 ppm.
  • Add a bottle of Natural Spa after every 30 to 40 bather uses.
  • You can extend the life of Mineral Spa by adding 1/2 ounce every ten days or so.
  • Do not put any 2 products in at the same time – wait 4 hours or more between additions.

How do I test the water?

  • Use your eyes and your nose – the water will be clear and odor free when treated properly.

What else do I have to do?

  • Our Chlorine-Free Potassium Shock clears odors or hazy water after heavy use; add only if and as needed.
  • Hard water problems? Add an ounce of our Stain & Scale Control when filling.
  • Well water may need to have the pH adjusted when filling.
  • Enjoy your tub and tell your friends!

Can I buy these products at my spa store?

  • Although we have tried repeatedly to get our products into retail stores our low prices do not give the retailers the profits they desire, so very few will stock our products.
That's why we make it easy to buy our products on-line and ship Priority mail for 2 to 3 day delivery.

    Will it work with Jacuzzi or Sundance Clearview UV systems?

    • Mineral Spa works with UV, but in many cases the water gets cloudy with the Natural Spa.
    • Both products work well with ozone.

    What’s the difference between Natural Spa and Mineral Spa?

    • Mineral Spa detoxes the body like bathing in a natural volcanic hot spring. It lasts for up to 8 months in a 500 gallon tub and clears the water quicker in small spas or high use tubs.
    • Natural Spa has a little less maintenance, lower cost and leaves you skin feeling silky soft.

    How do I clean my tub?

    • It’s always a good idea to clean your tub before you drain – add 4 ounces Cascade for every 100 gallons of water in the spa, (or your favorite automatic dish-washing detergent).
    • Run the jets on high a few times.
    • You can add 4 ounces of bleach for every 100 gallons of water to get it really clean.
    • Drain after 4 hours or the next day.
    • It doesn’t hurt a thing if you leave it in for a few days.

    Will it hurt my tub?

    No! Unlike Chlorine or Bromine the water in tubs treated with our natural products is not caustic or corrosive; it is good for your skin, good for your hot tub, and good for the plants in your garden where you drain your spa.

    Our products do not plug up filters like Bromine or Biguanide, do not oxidize the plastic in you tub like traditional chemicals, (making it chalky and brittle), or attack metals.

    Your tub will work better and last longer with these products.

    What do I have to do to switch?

    It’s easy! If your using Chlorine and your water is fresh and clear all you need to do is let the Chlorine level drop to zero and then pour in the Natural Spa or Mineral Spa, (whichever you choose), and you’re done!

    If the hot tub used to have Bromine in it, or if it has signs of hard water scale or metal stains then you need to clean the tub first; just add Crystal Clean to the old water that is in your tub and run it a few times a day for the next few days, then drain it – now your tub is as clean as it can be and ready for a natural product.

    If your water has Biguanide in it, (BaquaSpa, Soft Spa, Leisure Time “Free”), drain that water before using the Crystal Clean.

    How do I test the water?

    What else do I have to do?

    When do I use the Chlorine Free Shock?

    Can I buy these products at my spa store?

    Will it work in an inflatable tub?

    The filter becomes coated with a tan film; is that normal?

    Can I use the tub with Crystal Clean in it?

    • Normally yes! Crystal Clean is made of Citric acid and Sulfamic acid - both organic acids - which create a therapeutic bath that leaves your skin squeaky clean and feeling rejuvenated – it’s like an expensive skin therapy session at your local health spa.
    • If you got a rash from the Bromine then do not use the tub while cleaning it. As the old chemical build-up is dissolved by the cleaning process these harsh chemicals are now in your water and may irritate your skin again.