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Maxi Cure Whole House filter System

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Maxi Cure Whole House filter System
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Chemical Free Whole House Water Filter

What the Maxi - Cure  Does for You:

How it Works

The Maxi-Cure whole house filtration system solves common water problems, first, with multiple layers of filtration to remove chlorine, volatile organics, THMs, bad tastes and odors, sediment, suspended solids, iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell). Then the filtered water passes through a patented catalytic/magnetic chamber that makes calcium ions bond to each other, rather than to your pipes and plumbing fixtures. This restructuring of the calcium in your water makes the water act soft, reducing scale, build-up and corrosion, and allows you to use a damp cloth to remove any "spotting," rather than abrasive cleaners and the "elbow grease" you're used to, with other water filtration systems. This purified, restructured water has a lowered surface tension, for better absorption -- into your body and into your plants 


  • Homes: Healthier Water from Every Faucet In Your Home!
  • Landscaping and Golf Courses: Improved Soil Percolation, Better Root Propagation
  • Restaurants: Better Drinking Water, Longer Life for Coffee Machines, Improves Ice makers
  • Hospitals: Kitchen Maintenance Is Reduced, Better Protection for Steam Tables & Laundry Equipment
  • Specialty Applications: Solar EquipmentCar Washes, Cooling Towers, Greenhouses, and much more.

How is the Maxi-Cure whole house water filter system different from traditional water softeners or other whole house filters?

Water softeners (ion exchange systems) substitute the sodium in sodium chloride (salt) for calcium. The calcium chloride that is now formed can have a negative effect on the environment. That is the reason that many communities are banning water softeners and most every state requires softener manufacturers to improve their efficiency every year.

The Maxi - Cure transforms dissolved calcium to crystallized calcium. Calcium in its crystallized state is rendered harmless and free from its objectionable scaling effects.

The Maxi-Cure is perfect for residential applications where superior water is desired for both taste and function. It is also used in commercial applications as a pre-treatment, where scale prevention is needed -- usually with water heaters or reverse osmosis. We may request a water sample or test results from you, to ensure that the application of the system is done correctly and that it works without fail.


Aside from the patented catalytic / magnetic process, the Maxi-Cure chemical free water filter system is unique in the following ways:
  1. It can be used to treat multiple water problems within a single system. This can create an overall cost savings, with the elimination of additional equipment & replacement components..
  2. The effects of water hardness are rendered harmless, without the use of any regenerates, like sodium or chemicals.
  3. Iron and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) problems that often require the use of potassium permanganate or chlorine are eliminated, which means no dangerous chemicals to handle, store or purchase.
  4. Local bans on soft water equipment or wastewater discharge permits are not an issue with this system.
  5. Taste and odor problems are improved, so there is no need for additional drinking water filters. What is so important about not using chemicals or sodium in treating the water?
  6. You are not spending money on them.
  7. You are not ingesting them, in part or in whole.
  8. You are not adding to the pollution of the water supply.
If the Maxi-Cure does not use chemicals or salt, what does it use to remove iron from water? Just water. The Maxi-Cure uses about 50 gallons, once a week, to automatically backwash itself. This backwashing process lifts away all the suspended particles that have been captured in the filter bed and washes them down the drain. Will the water test soft after the system is installed? No. The calcium is still present in the water, but in an altered crystalline state. These crystals are like little ball bearings that will not stick to each other or to any surface that they come in contact with, unlike dissolved calcium, which will stick to most surfaces once the water evaporates. Will the calcium crystals change back to their original state in my water heater? It takes one to three days for this to occur. Usually, you will use all the hot water in your water heater at least once each day. This means that the altered calcium crystals will be used and go down the drain before they change back into the dissolved state. Why choose this product over other water treatment systems? The Maxi-Cure catalytic conditioner is covered with an engineering patent. Other companies sell magnetic water treatment devices that have design patents, only, and lack the research and engineering that have gone into this product. These systems are simply not proven as effective as our Maxi-Cure. ORDER NOW! 10" Maxi-Cure for homes with up to 5 persons