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Chemical-Free Water Treatment Systems

Who We Are

We were first to introduce a chemical free hot tub treatment, Natural Spa, in 1995. And we’ve improved it. Our New Natural Spa is now better and stronger than the original, while those other natural hot tub enzyme treatments remain the original formula. In 2011 we introduced Mineral Spa, the strongest, longest lasting alternative hot tub treatment on the market. Thousands of happy spa owners are now enjoying our natural spa products. We created the natural spa treatment market; we have the most customers and the lowest prices, and, of course, the best natural hot tub products. If you are frustrated with hot tub chemical maintenance, and want a clean, more comfortable spa with less work, less worry and lower cost, try our natural hot tub treatments; Natural Spa and Mineral Spa.

We specialize in chemical-free water treatment systems, Chlorine-free water for your home and spa maintenance products that are an alternative to Bromine and Chlorine. Spa chemical maintenance for our customers requires less work, fewer problems, and no toxic chemicals. Literally tens of thousands of pool and spa owners now enjoy chemical free water with natural alternatives to Bromine, Chlorine, or Biguanide. We have years of experience in Chemical-free water treatment; Trust in us to bring you the best products at the best price for healthier, cleaner, more comfortable, chemical free water.

Reverse Osmosis Water Systems & Natural Spa Treatment

chemical-free water treatment systems

Clarity Water Products is located in Vista, California. Our neighbors include GE Water Technologies, Applied Membranes, KISS International and the world’s foremost hot tub manufacturers: Hot Springs, Caldera, Dimension One and Beachcomber. This is the center of San Diego’s water treatment and hot tub industry, and we are proud to be here: the leader in chemical-free, healthy, water treatment products.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Our products are guaranteed to perform to the highest standards, and are simply the best products for the best price.

Healthier Water

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Be Good to Yourself: Surround Yourself in Healthier Water

We don’t sell pool chemicals or hot tub supplies, salt water pools, salt water hot tubs or spa accessories – we sell natural spa water treatment products that save you from exposure to the poisonous chemicals Bromine, Chlorine and Biguanide. We have the experience and education you need to help you make the best choices for you and your family in how to treat all your water. We can make your swimming pool chemical free, improve your salt water pool and offer natural spa solutions to a salt water hot tub.

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Clarity Water Products

Providing More Natural Treatments for all Hot Tubs: Hot Springs, Master Spa, Jacuzzi, Sundance, Caldera and the rest; A California Company

Clarity Water Products has only one goal: to be the primary source of clean, healthy, and chemical-free water. Being in the water care industry in California for 2 decades we are the clear choice of home owners for sustainable chemical free water treatment in their homes.

Why choose Clarity Water Products?

We provide our customers in California and world-wide chemical-free water treatments that allow their hot tubs, (Hot Springs, Sundance, Master Spas, Caldera Spas, Cal Spas and Jacuzzis), to enjoy long-term stability and operate consistently and reliably.

  • We pioneered natural spa and hot tub treatments that are safe and healthy for all types of skin.
  • We introduced the Mineral Spa, a very affordable natural alternative to saltwater hot tubs.
  • We have the Blue Natural Spa, which is better and stronger than other enzyme treatments that still use our original yellow formula.
  • We offer water maintenance products for all hot tubs, spas and Jacuzzis, and chemical free swimming pools that protect you against abusive exposure to Bromine, Biguanide, and Chlorine.
  • We offer environmentally friendly water care solutions that work.

In more ways than one we provide the simplest and most convenient natural water treatments and most effective maintenance products for any hot tub: Hot Springs, Master Spa, Caldera, Sundance, Jacuzzi and the rest. You can always count on our experience and education to help you make the best choices for you and your family on how to treat all your water.

Clarity Water Products is located in Vista, California — the center of San Diego’s water treatment and hot tub industry. Even our address attests that what we offer is premium water care for your hot tub: Hot Springs, Sundance, Master Spa, Caldera, Cal Spa and Jacuzzis. So call 760-727-0769 today and talk with us. We assure you that you'll get healthier, cleaner, and chemical-free water at the best price.