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Can Natural Water Cleaners Do the Job?

Can Natural Water Cleaners Do the Job?

Harsh, toxic chemicals have become the norm when it comes to pools, spas, and hot tubs. After a lifetime of emerging from pools with irritated skin and red eyes, people have come to expect this type of experience after swimming or lounging in treated water. Many hot tub owners do not realize that while toxic spa chemicals were the only solutions to keep water clean in the past; natural, non-toxic, and gentle solutions are now available to treat your water without the negative side effects. At Clarity Water Products, we’re often asked if all-natural, gentle cleansers can actually get the job done. With summer coming and hot tub and pool use about to see a big increase, now is the perfect time to get prepared with the right solutions. While it may seem logical that toxic, high-intensity spa chemicals like Chlorine are the most effective method for keeping water clean you do have options. Our non-toxic, natural solutions provide water that is clean, clear, and more comfortable than chemically treated water. Some believe that natural cleaning solutions do not keep water clean as long as traditional chemicals. The truth is quite the opposite; our spa solutions keep water clean for months with just one application. In fact, you’ll treat your water less frequently with a Clarity Water Products Solution than you will if employing toxic spa chemicals. Overall, natural cleaning solutions offer clean, fresh water without the worry of toxic chemicals and the negative effects they have on your hair, eyes and skin. For more information please visit our online store at or contact us at 800.860.2477 with any questions.

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