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Summer is Almost Here!

Summer is Almost Here!

The harsh winter is slowly, but finally, fading into spring. And as the weather inches closer to summertime it’s inevitable that your hot tub will start to see more use. Most folks use their hot tubs a lot more on these long summer days; when the summer months arrive hot tub usage goes up exponentially. With increased use comes a renewed need to clean the water in your hot tub and keep it fresh, clear, and comfortable. At Clarity Water Products, we stock a powerful array of non-toxic hot tub chemicals that ensure your hot tub has optimum water quality without the need for shocking, pH balancing, de-foaming, or clarifying. Our all-natural solutions give you quality water with none of the safety risks or negative side effects you get from traditional chemical solutions. We even have solutions that can turn your hot tub into a mineral bath. Our mineral treatment helps you de-tox while you lounge in your hot tub, and treats up to 500 gallons for at least six months. Traditional hot tub chemicals are tough on your skin. They also leave you with the all-too-familiar redeye caused by Chlorine and other non-gentle compounds. Trading the toxic stuff for an all-natural solution will make your hot tub more enjoyable for both you and your guests, without sacrificing water quality in the slightest. It’s really quite amazing how clean your water can be when you use only natural, non-toxic solutions. We manufacture our own products and oversee their quality from start to finish. All Clarity Water Products solutions include complete, easy-to-follow instructions. You don’t have to rely on toxic hot tub chemicals anymore because you think nothing better exists.  Clarity Water Products provides top the line spa, house and well water solutions to give you the necessary tools for a healthier life.  For more information or to peruse our online store please visit or contact us at 800.860.2477800.860.2477 with any questions.

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