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For a Clean Spa

For a Clean Spa

Let’s face it, we would all love to have a dedicated spa or hot tub just for our personal use. The soothing qualities of swirling, hot water is the right answer to help you relax after a long day and a perk for every spa owner. While the benefits of having a spa at your disposal is the stuff of dreams, maintaining that hot tub can sometimes be confusing. Is bleach on its own enough? Are all those chemical treatments good for people using the hot tub? What about natural hot tub treatments? While there are many cleaners and additives you can add to your spa to aid in cleaning and sanitizing, natural remedies can be as effective at cleaning hot tub water as the more expensive chemical purifiers.

Bleach is a powerful cleaner and can be useful when cleaning a spa. It’s cheap, plentiful and does an excellent job of killing off bacteria. However tempting it is to use bleach in place of chlorine in your hot tub water, don’t. Bleach is a great cleaner to sanitize your spa once the water is drained or before filling it up but can cause problems if used in place of chlorine. It ensures a clean tub for the new water but isn’t great at purifying water once in the spa.

A less caustic alternative to spa water purification is hydrogen peroxide. That bubbly stuff that works well at killing bacteria in cuts and scrapes is also a good choice for keeping your spa water clean without the harmful chemicals. If you choose to use hydrogen peroxide as a water purifier, be sure to get the right concentration. Between 30-35% hydrogen peroxide will be strong enough to purify. Add between ½ to 1 cup of the peroxide per 100 gallons of spa water. The amount of peroxide used will depend on how old the spa water is and how often it’s used. For an added benefit, use hydrogen peroxide along with an all-natural spa detergent to get the most out of your cleaning.

Once your spa is clean, get in a relax. Add some essential oils or bath salts for added relaxation and skin soothing benefits. Lean back and let the clean, hot water sooth your stress and worries away.

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