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If you are switching to our Natural Spa or Mineral Spa and you have used Bromine or Biguanides in the past then you will need to clean your hot tub with our Crystal Clean – this cleaner is specially formulated to dissolve Bromates, sulfates, Biguanides, metal and mineral stains and hard water scale.

If you have a factory new spa we recommend you clean it with automatic dishwashing detergent (like Cascade) and bleach. Use 4 ounces of each for every 100 gallons of water, run jets on high three or four times and then drain after 4 hours. This removes the silicones, wax, mold release agents and glue residues in your new spa – these chemicals cause cloudy water that lasts as long as that first batch of water.

If you have always used Chlorine and are switching to our natural products then start with a clean tub and clean water – no special process is required.

To keep your tub clean and looking like new we recommend you add automatic dishwashing detergent (tablets, gel or powder all work fine) and bleach before you drain. Use 4 ounces of each for every 100 gallons of water in your tub. Drain after 4 hours or the next day.

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