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What do I have to do to switch?

What do I have to do to switch?

It’s easy! If your using Chlorine and your water is fresh and clear all you need to do is let the Chlorine level drop to zero and then pour in the Natural Spa or Mineral Spa, (whichever you choose), and you’re done!

If the hot tub used to have Bromine in it, or if it has signs of hard water scale or metal stains then you need to clean the tub first; just add Crystal Clean to the old water that is in your tub and run it a few times a day for the next few days, then drain it – now your tub is as clean as it can be and ready for a natural product.

If your water has Biguanide in it, (BaquaSpa, Soft Spa, Leisure Time “Free”), drain that water before using the Crystal Clean.