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Pool Systems

Pool Systems

Clarity Water Products – Pool Systems: Get Great Deals on Alternatives to Chlorine, Chlorine-free/ No Chemical Pool Maintenance, Natural Pool Care Treatments and Healthy Pool Water Systems; a California Company


Complete your fun and enjoyable pool experience with a pool care system that’s incredibly healthy for you and your family. At Clarity Water Products, we offer beneficial and natural pool care alternatives to chlorine treatments and chemical-free pool maintenance systems. Imagine taking a dip in clean, refreshing water without exposure to harmful chemicals like Chlorine, Bromine or Biguanide - no toxic chemicals – nothing but soothing water every time you swim. With our natural pool care products you’ll always have clean, healthy, and truly revitalizing waters for that perfect swimming pool.


Natural Pool Care and Maintenance Treatment under $100 - The Mega Disk

Indulge in the incredible feeling of bathing in pure, chemical-free water! The Mega Disk uses an all-natural process, utilizing catalytic action & redox principal of dissimilar metals, (reduction/oxidation), made possible by our unique reticulated sponge-like KDF media. 6″ disk fits directly into pool skimmers. No plumbing or installation required; this solution eliminates the use of chemicals with little or no Chlorine needed. One disk will handle up to 15,000 gallons of pool volume; constant circulation recommended.


Enjoy the ideal swimming pool that will liven up your home with a chemical-free pool maintenance system by Clarity Water Products. Talk to an expert about our best alternatives to Chlorine and the most suitable pool care treatment for your home pool. Call us at 800-860-2477 today!