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Love your Natural Spa product - FAQ About well water

Love your Natural Spa product - FAQ About well water

Recently a customer asked me the following question about well water and I thought some of you may benefit from this info as well.

Love your Natural Spa product. I just need a recommendation for a well water filter when refilling spa with a garden hose. Thanks Ted B.

I recommend adding Chlorine bleach to new water to destroy unwanted contaminants, no matter what they are.

If you do not want to use Chlorine, or if it’s not working on your well water (heavy particulates, high pH, etc.) then a filter that removes heavy metals and organics is the only practical solution.

We have the Guard n’ Grow filter that does this – treats 25,000 gallons and sells for $89.95.

I have seen de-ionizing resin filters that will treat three to five hundred gallons that sell for $59.95 or so.

The $15 filters are just carbon and sediment filters that only remove solids (and pesticides – hopefully, you don’t have pesticides in your well) so they are essentially useless.

If you want one of these nice filters, let me know.
Thanks, Cal