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Crystal Clean - Natural Hot Tub Cleaner

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Crystal Clean - Natural Hot Tub Cleaner
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Crystal Clean, the All-Natural Hot Tub Cleaner, dissolves chemical residues, metal stains and mineral scale

We created this product to properly clean your hut tub when switching to our natural spa treatments. Simply add 4 ounces for every 100 gallons of water that is in your tub and let it work for three days before you drain; Your spa will be as clean as can be, ready for you to enjoy with natural, non irritating treatments made from enzymes and minerals instead of caustic, corrosive chemicals.

Great Filter Cleaner

When is it time to Clean your filter on your spa? First, take your filters out. If the water comes out of the jets faster, with more pressure, then it’s time to clean your filters. Your spa will not heat with dirty or gummed-up filters.

How to use Crystal Clean spa and filter cleaner:

Soak your filters in a solution of 1/2-ounce Crystal Clean hot tub treatment per gallon of water. Leave them in for 4 hours or overnight. Bromine causes hard water deposits to build up in the fiber of the filters. Crystal Clean hot tub water treatment solves this problem.

If you use BaquaSpa®, it’s normal for your filter to get gummed up with the byproducts of this chemical. The natural hot tub cleaners in Crystal Clean work to remove this gummy residue.

No danger of using too much:

Because Crystal Clean hot tub treatment is made from citric acid, it is very safe and easy to use. It will not harm you or your spa. No gloves are needed, when you hold the jar under water to dissolve the powder. Do not add any Chlorine or Bromine while cleaning your spa with Crystal Clean.

Cleans Away BaquaSpa® Residues!

If you have used a Biguanide water treatment, you now know that it is incompatible with Chlorine, Bromine, and many of the minerals commonly found in our water. That sticky film that forms above the water line and gums up your filters is also inside all the plumbing. Crystal Clean removes Biguanide residue more efficiently than any other spa and hot tub supplies. You need to drain your spa of the water with any Biguanide product in it first, and then use Crystal Clean hot tub treatment in fresh water to fully clean your spa. Be patient. It will take a few days, and you may still have some residual cloudiness, but, soon enough, your spa will be chemical free.

Dissolves Bromates, sulfates, BaquaSpa residues, rust stains and scale. Add 3 days before draining when switching to our natural products to clean your plumbing, heater and filter of these harmful chemical deposits.


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