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Natural Spa

Natural Spa
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Powerful Cleaner: Our unique natural spa enzyme formula is strong enough to break down oils, lotions, perspiration, urine, and other bather waste. All without the smell and unwanted effects of Chemicals.

Flocking Agents: With our natural spa chemicals, solid contaminants are gathered together to be swept into your filter, keeping your water naturally clean without Chemicals.

Natural Water and Skin Softening Agents: The Natural Spa contains coconut oil moisturizers that leave your skin feeling nice and soft. No more water line scum – Helps protect your equipment from scale build up to keep it running smoothly. Will not dry out your skin or hair like traditional hot tub chemicals.

Never Scrub Your Spa Again: The Natural Spa keeps your spa clean and clear for months – so you can enjoy your vacations, and live your life, without worry about taking care of your water.



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Natural Spa Technical Review

The Natural Spa is the all natural, all-in-one spa treatment endorsed by health professionals. 100% non-toxic to children, pets, and the environment. Non- irritating to eyes and skin.

The Natural Spa keeps your spa water clear and healthy for months depending on usage, water quality, and other factors. Only when the water loses its soft and silky feel is it time to add another bottle.

The Natural Spa is an all natural product that softens water and prevents mineral deposits. This improves pump and heater operation and greatly extends equipment life.

1. The effects of Clarity's Natural Spa on water.

pH - The pH of water is determined by minerals and contaminants, (soap residues, dead skin cells, fertilizers, human waste and urine, etc.) in the water. Contaminants may cause the water pH to rise and (or) drop sharply. Traditional water treatments require you to add chemicals to the water to reverse the problematic pH symptom. Although adding a chemical will reverse the pH and provide you with a normal reading using standard pH testing procedures, the contaminant that caused the pH problem remains in the water, in addition to the newly added chemical used to reverse the problem.

Natural Spa enzymes bond to the contaminants that enter the water. The enzymes are catalysts that accelerate the conversion of contaminants to carbon dioxide and water. This action occurs whether the contaminant is acidic or alkaline. The pH level will fluctuate somewhat between approximately 7.0 and 8.4 depending on the amount of daily contamination, but should stabilize within normal range without using any chemicals. Some water is particularly ‘hard’, and may have a high pH, or may be very "soft", with a low alkalinity. Check pH prior to treatment, and adjust as necessary.

Color, Clarity and Odor - Natural Spa enzymes help the spa to break down organic contaminants in the water. These organic contaminants can promote bacteria blooms and turbidity, causing unpleasant water conditions. Inorganic contaminants that disturb water clarity are held in suspension, or flocked together and filtered out. The Natural Spa is not a bleach, so water high in minerals may exhibit a slight color. Faint odors may be generated as contaminants are broken down and "gas off". These odors can be eliminated with an oxidizer, (ozone, Chlorine-Free Shock or Hydrogen Peroxide).

Bacteria - Spa water treated according to our recommendations stays safe, clean and healthy. Random testing on our customers’ spas are periodically performed for E. Coli, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus Aureus, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Legionella Pneumophilia, yeast, fungi, molds, and mildews. Coliform tests are routinely performed on heavily-used spa water. Water temperature is maintained at approximately 100 F° and the spa is covered during non-use periods. The Coliform test searches for colon bacillus and other disease generating bacteria stemming from fecal and urine contamination. Results are similar or better than reported random tests on spas using Chlorine or Bromine.

Minerals - The Natural Spa helps dissolved minerals to remain in suspension without using additional sequestering agents. The solution acts as a flocking agent and clarifier by helping clump together dirt and other solid contaminants to be captured by the filter.Stain & Scale Control should be used with water that test harder than 18 grains.

2. Usage.

Clarity's Natural Spa can be used alone or in conjunction with conventional spa chemicals. Used alone, one 400 cc bottle per 500 gallons of spa water will maintain safe and pleasant conditions for about 40 bather uses. In most cases the other chemicals are no longer needed. Water temperature should be kept above 80° F with minimum circulation of 2 hours daily, though 6 to 8 hours daily circulation is preferred.

3. Does this product effectively kill or prevent algae, phytoplankton or diatoms in the water?

Algae - the Natural Spa is not an algaecide. Spas with covers and using the Natural Spa according to instructions, without the regular addition of toxic chemicals, have shown no algae growth in water with temperatures above 80o F and where regular circulation and filtration are present. Spas without covers will normally have algae growth on the walls and in the water. Algaecides are required in these cases, and are compatible with our formula.

Phytoplankton - Phytoplankton floats on pond surfaces. There have been no studies regarding the effect on phytoplankton. The Natural Spa effectively breaks the surface tension of the water, so it is highly unlikely that phytoplankton could survive on the surface of the water, (mosquitoes cannot land on treated water).

Diatoms - Diatoms are algae containing siliceous cell walls. No studies have been conducted on diatoms specifically but it would be highly improbable for them to reproduce.

Because the Natural Spa improves the ability of a spa to dissolve organic particles these small particles are prevented from forming larger molecular structures known as algae, phytoplankton and diatoms.

4. Compatibility.

With sanitizers - The Natural Spa is compatible with Chlorine or Bromine at
levels of 1 ppm or less.
Ozone is recommended.Hydrogen Peroxide and Chlorine-Free Shock may be used to eliminate odors or clear cloudy water after heavy use.
It is not compatible with Biguanides or UV light treatments.

With Alternatives - The Natural Spa is improves the performance of
Mineral Spa, CuZn Spa Disks and Spa Cores, mineral sticks, ionization and bath salts.

With filtration - The Natural Spa is compatible with standard cartridge filters. Filtration is enhanced due to the flocking properties of the solution. Filtration media finer than 20 micron mesh is not recommended, (anti-microbial filters with blue pleats).

With other chemicals - The Natural Spa is compatible with many chemicals
normally associated with spa maintenance.
Spa fragrances, scented bath salts and essential oils are fine.
Acids and oxidizers will shorten the life of the enzyme formula. The more
aggressive the chemical, the more rapid the breakdown.
Clarifiers should not be used with our formula as the Natural Spa is a clarifier.
Additionally, some clarifiers will bond to the enzyme formula and cause it to solidify and be filtered out of the water.

5.Contents and Properties.

Contents - The Natural Spa consists of water, coconut oil, mineral salts, plant based polymers and enzymes. The enzymes used are a proprietary blend, derived from a variety of plants.

Properties - The enzyme formula in the Natural Spa has several remarkable properties. It is magnetically charged, which causes the enzymes to quickly attach to contaminants. Once attached, the enzymes increase the molecular activity in the spa, causing the contaminants to biodegrade into simpler compounds, such as carbon dioxide and water. They simply disappear, and the
water remains fresh and clear.
The mineral salts soften the water.
The coconut oil softens your skin.
The polymers bond to phosphates and other solids in the water, clumping them together to be filtered out.

6. Registration Requirements.

Clarity's Natural Spa is not a sanitizer, biocide, or pesticide. The EPA will only register a product as a sanitizer, biocide or pesticide if it contains a listed "active ingredient" that is toxic or deadly to animals and/or plants, (such as Chlorine, Ammonia, Alcohol, Petroleum, etc.).

Clarity's Natural Spa does not contain any "active ingredient" listed by the EPA, OSHA, or the NSF. Therefore the product can not be registered as a pesticide, algaecide, or biocide. The enzyme formula is 100% safe, non-toxic, and contains all natural ingredients. The formula works in synergy with the physical elements in the spa to improve efficiency, break down and remove contaminants, and help produce a healthier, more desirable environment. Your spa will be free of chemical irritants, with soft, clear, comfortable water.

Clarity's Natural Spa does not claim to "reduce, inhibit, mitigate, destroy or abate any pests", (plants, animals or bacteria) "either by itself or in combination with any other substance" (the EPA definition of a pesticide). The EPA does not allow any product not registered as a pesticide to make this claim, under penalty of prosecution.

7. Tests

The following tests were performed on Clarity's Natural Spa at stated dilution, and results are summarized here.
TOXICITY (as bottled):
Primary Dermal Irritation: <1 (Not a primary dermal irritant)
Primary Ocular (eye) Irritation: 0.3 (minor irritant)
0.0 with rinse (Non irritating)
Oral Toxicity: Non-toxic @ .5% body weight dosage
Skin Sensitization: 0.38 (Non irritating)
Repeated Insult Patch: 0.0 (Non irritating)
Sub Acute Inhalation: No effect
Vaginal Mucosal Irritation: Acceptable (Non irritating)
CHEMICAL OXYGEN DEMAND (as bottled): % Nitrogen:0.003 % Phosphorous: 0.0058 COD as mg 03/L: 6.1

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