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Natural Spa 4 Pack

Clarity Water Products

Natural Spa 4 Pack
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What is the Natural Spa ?

The Natural Spa is the finest, gentlest, easiest-to-use spa water conditioner on the market today. Our unique formula of natural enzymes, minerals, and plant extracts work perfectly! The water is noticeably softer, stays very clear, has no odor, no foam, and most importantly does not irritate the eyes or skin.  Ideal conditions that let you relax and really enjoy your spa, the way it should be. The Natural Spa is easy to use 100% safe and non-toxic and lasts a long time


You need to know what really causes the rash, and that Natural Spa is the simple solution to cure the rash. Chlorine or Bromine burn away your body’s protective oils and make your skin dry and itchy. Many people suffer from red, bumpy inflammations, called folliculitis. As Chlorine or Bromine combine with minerals in your water, corrosive irritating salts are formed. As the hot water of your spa opens up the pores of your skin these salts imbed themselves in your open pores. Now your body tries to flush these corrosive chemicals out of your skin by inflaming the pore, causing a nasty rash. They call it the "Bromine rash". Many Doctors blame it on bacteria, and prescribe antibiotics and/or steroids for many days. The fact is the rash will usually go away on its own. Frequent baths or showers in hot, clean water really helps to ease the symptoms and promote healing. The Cure is to Get Rid of the Chemicals and then get back in your spa!


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