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Clarity Water Products – House Filters: Effective Whole House Water Filter System Online, Mineral Treatment and Organic Treatment for Spas and Hot Tubs; Located in California

Your path towards clean, healthy, and chemical-free water systems begins with Clarity Water Products. We are your ultimate source for whole house filter solutions online as well as mineral and organic spa and hot tub treatments for your home. From Oxy/ion whole house filters to sodium-free water softeners, our products offer state-of-the-art answers to your water system worries. Every system is carefully designed to effectively address the needs and demands of various households. With results that are beneficial for your family and prices that add value for your money, any one of our house filter systems would be a terrific addition to your home.

Our house water filter products include:

[product-start] [title]Maxi-Cure Whole House Filter System[/title] [product id="92"] [description]The Maxi-Cure gives you great drinking and bathing water as well as scale control for your entire home. Patented catalytic ESF for the softest water combined with quality components and the most effective mixed media filtration gives you absolutely safe, healthy drinking water without hard-water problems. The Maxi-Cure stands head and shoulders above other home water purification filters and doesn’t use salt or any harmful chemicals. It is the best whole-house water filter on the market for its price.[/description] [product_url id="92"] [product-end] [product-start] [title]Oxy / Ion Whole House Filter[/title] [product id="96"] [description]The Oxy/Ion Whole House Filter is designed with one goal in mind: complete residential water purification. State-of-the-art electronic ionization combined with multimedia filtration and anodyne oxygen deliver the highest quality water with bacteria control. Hands down, the Oxy/Ion House Filter is the highest standard for whole house water cleaning. While magnetic or catalytic conditioners provide good scale control, the Oxy/Ion House Filter system takes this process to the next level. Ionization provides bacterial protection and scale prevention. Anodyne oxygen breaks down organics, removes trihalomethanes and enriches water! Soft, clean, reliable water can’t be achieved with a lesser method. Water hardness is controlled with scale prevention up to 26 grains. Enjoy these perks and avoid having to clean calcium deposits from your bathroom.[/description] [product_url id="96"] [product-end] [product-start] [title]The Aquafer Plus Fluoride Filter[/title] [product id="103"] [description]Utilizing new technology in multimedia filtration and passive ionization, the Aquafer-Plus Fluoride Whole House Water Filter is specifically designed to remove the Fluoride, Chlorine and Chloramines in your water, without backwashing or using any electricity! This premium quality chemical free water treatment has two separate media tanks plus our patented ESF magnetic catalytic conditioning chamber to control water hardness and scale. Enjoy truly natural water with easy installation.[/description] [product_url id="103"] [product-end] [product-start] [title]Aquafer[/title] [product id="105"] [description]This Maintenance-free water conditioner controls and/or removes scale, chlorine, chloramine and odors. Enjoy improved hydration with enhanced taste for your filtered drinking water at every tap. The Aquafer home water filtration system utilizes the unique properties of KDF and mixed media. There is no Electricity required, no drain line to install, no salt or chemicals involved and no wasted water. It’s easy to install with no routine service needed. Reduce your water heater costs and make household cleaning and upkeep easier. It is also excellent for plant and flower growth. Enjoy crystal clear water along with the benefits of an attractive stainless steel cover and the reduction of lime scale, mold, and fungi in your tub or shower.[/description] [product_url id="105"] [product-end] [product-start] [title]Sodium Free Softeners [/title] [product id="111"] [description]If your household needs softeners instead of home water filtration systems, our Sodium-Free Softeners are the perfect solution. Escape the harmful health effects of consuming too much salt in your drinking water. These systems provide your home with soft, healthy water without the chemicals or elements that can cause heart issues or increased blood pressure from consuming too much sodium. It is also beneficial to plants, pets, and lawns that are fed by your household water system. Furthermore, it is guaranteed to prevent harm to your septic systems.[/description] [product_url id="111"] [product-end] [product-start] [title]Well Water Treatment[/title] [product id="115"] [description]Our top-of-the-line, three-tank, Mixed Media Oxy/Ion Well Water Treatment System cures the problems found in 90 percent of well water. Send us a water sample and we will test your water for free! Or just send test results you already have and we will guarantee performance from this system and/or design the proper whole house well water filtration system just for you.[/description] [product_url id="115"] [product-end] [product-start] [title]Whole House Reverse Osmosis[/title] [product id="119"] [description]The ultimate water treatment system for ultra-clean water throughout your home. Designed specifically for you.[/description] [product_url id="119"] [product-end] [product-start] [title]Fluoride Filters[/title] [product id="101"] [description]No More Worry about Chlorine, Pesticides, Hydrocarbons, Pharmaceuticals, Heavy Metals, Scale or Fluoride in All Your Water! Safe, Clean, Softer, Healthier Water from Every Tap! Install this automatic back-washing filter after your Whole House filter, (we recommend our Maxi-Cure), for an economical alternative to Whole House Reverse Osmosis. [/description] [product_url id="101"] [product-end]

Whether it’s a dependable whole house water filter online, the ideal mineral spa treatment, an organic hot tub treatment or a chemical free swimming pool for your home, we want you to get the best solutions at the right price. Call 760-727-0769 and talk to a specialist about your water system needs today.

[title]Chlorine Free Pools[/title] [description]Experience the finest water to swim in with chemical free water treatment. ...more[/description] [description]Looking for counter top and point of use filters? See the reviews at[/description]
Make Your Installation Easier- Save Time & Money Corrugated Flexible Stainless Steel Water Connectors. NSF 61 Tested and Certified.

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