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Oxi Ion Pool

Perfect Pool Water - Without Chemicals!
Eliminates algae - keeps water sparkling clean - Reduces maintenance - Saves you Time and Money!
Ionizers release copper ions into the pool. This forms a stable residual in the water that is not affected by sunlight or heat. The copper ions attack algae, bacteria and viruses in your pool water. The copper also attaches to minerals in the water, causing them to drop to the bottom of the pool to be swept up by the pool vac and into the filter. This helps to keep the water clear. The electrodes last from three to five years, depending upon the size of your pool. There are virtually no other replacement costs.
Ionization alone does not break down body oils, suntan lotions and other organic debris, or control stains. Oxidation is required to break down organics and stain causing elements. Ionization alone usually requires adding other oxidizing chemicals.
Ion/Oxygen is the complete solution. The titanium electrodes produce hydroxyl radicals, the most powerful oxidizers ever used in water treatment. More powerful than chlorine, hydrogen peroxide or ozone!
With minimal maintenance and little or no chemicals you now have the ultimate pool: 
Fantastic Water - No Chemicals - Very Little Maintenance!
Get the complete technology with Ion/Oxygen Purification. Staining is eliminated, and no chemicals are needed for disinfection. Algae is controlled, saving you from clogged filtering systems, extensive scrubbing and high doses of chlorine. pH stays in balance without worrying about handling dangerous acids.
No Odors – No Algae – No Chlorine
Save Yourself from Bleached hair - Dry skin - Burning eyes
Your body is telling you it doesn't like the chemicals in your pool.
Our 100% CHLORINE - FREE POOL System provides you with a safe, effective alternative for water treatment - today!
Water balance is automatic with the Programmable model. pH is kept between 6.8 to 7.2 and the copper ion level between 0.3 and  0.7 ppm. Algae is resistant to chlorine, so the ion/oxygen combination is more effective in controlling algae. The ion/oxygen system destroys algae spores and other organics with oxidation, effectively stopping the algae growth cycle. The combination of oxidation and copper kill off bacteria, the food source for algae. Copper disrupts the digestive system of the algae. As long as the copper residual is maintained within range the algae can not grow, and you have a naturally clean and healthy pool.
Each system comes with a 100% unconditional performance guarantee. The sooner you install this state-of-the-art technology the sooner you can be out enjoying a clean, clear and naturally pure pool. Experience the most beautiful silky soft water imaginable!

Never swim in chlorine again!

More Effective than Mineral Purifiers or Biguanides
Every other pool sanitizing system on the market still requires regular additions of some chemical, usually chlorine. Biguanides require higher maintenance than chlorine with even more chemicals, and at very high costs.
  • EASIER than Chlorine - or any other chemical system!
  • NO Harsh Chemicals - Health Risks - Damage to your Equipment
  • AVOID pool chemistry "rollercoaster"
  • ELIMINATE chlorine - and the smell - and the skin and eye irritation that goes with it
  • EFFORTLESS pool maintenance
  • REDUCE the need for other chemicals
  • SIMPLE installation
  • ENJOY sparkling clean water
Save yourself from chlorine. No more testing and worrying about adding too much or not enough. No more shocking. No more buying all those other chemicals just to keep the water balanced. No more swimming in harsh, corrosive chemicals.
Better for you. Avoid exposing your whole body to chlorine, muriatic acid, cyanuric acid and other toxic chemicals. No more dry skin. No more burning eyes. No more faded bathing suits.
Better for your pool. Your plaster, cement and pool deck will not degrade because you won’t use any more of those caustic, corrosive chemicals like chlorine and muriatic acid. Your pool will look like new twenty years from now. Save yourself from the hassle and expense of the acid washes you must do every few years when you use chlorine, and that inevitable and very expensive plaster refinishing your pool will need in the not too distant future. The money you spend today is only 15 -20% of what you will spend in chemical, maintenance and repair costs in the next 20 years.
Many pool builders and service techs are recommending salt water pools as an alternative to regular chlorine. Here is why. A salt water pool is still a chlorine pool, so all the chemicals you need for a chlorine pool will work in a salt water pool - and you will still need them.
Salt water pools work by adding 300-400 pounds of salt to your pool water, then adding more every year. An electrolytic chamber with up to 27 very thin titanium plates is plumbed into your pool plumbing, usually in the return line. When the pump is running the power supply for this chamber is energized, sending a low voltage DC electrical charge to the chamber. When the salty water flows through this energized chamber the sodium chloride (salt) in the water is separated into sodium hydroxide (soda ash or Lye) and chlorine gas. The chlorine gas does what it does to keep the water clean, and then it gasses off or forms calcium chloride or turns back into salt.
Because the active chlorine level in your pool is very low, (almost undetectable), the water feels more comfortable than normally chlorinated water. But because of this low level of active chlorine you will need to shock your pool at least once a week with – you guessed it – chlorine. You will still need as much as you use now, so you may not be able to swim in the pool the next day.
And the water feels very soft; this is because of the Lye in the water. But Lye is not good for your eyes or your skin, now matter how good it feels.
The increased hardness of the water and high alkalinity levels also make it very caustic, so you are not saving your pool from long term damage. You will need to regulate the alkalinity, the pH and the hardness, and that means regular testing and more chemicals. Now the rest of the story: the electrolytic chambers are guaranteed for no more than 5 years, and they rarely last much longer. They need regular cleaning and are somewhat fragile, so be careful. They cost from $400 to $700 each.
So what are you buying when you buy a salt water pool? Comfort - Period. Not less work - Not less maintenance or less damage. Not less chemicals. Certainly not less money. It’s no wonder the pool industry loves these systems.
What do you do when your calcium hardness, conditioner or Lye levels are too high? Drain the pool and start again. Where do you drain a pool full of salt water? Answer: wherever you don’t want anything to grow.
Our chemical free automatic pool can adjust the pH automatically – with safe CO2 or Muriatic acid – your choice. The system feeds these chemicals so you rarely have to handle highly corrosive chemicals.
No conditioners are needed, so no cyanuric acid.
The water is drinking water quality. Alkalinity and hardness actually decrease over time, so you may need to add some baking soda and calcium carbonate, (very safe, food grade products), usually just once a year.
There are no toxic byproducts, like Lye or Chloroform, and no build up on the pool walls as with Biguanide treatments, (Baquacil®, Soft Swim®, Revacil®).
Here’s one they won’t tell you/you won’t hear from anyone else:
You’ve seen the signs. They say “This is our ool. Notice there’s no P in it. Please keep it that way.” There is a good reason for this rule: Urine is primarily ammonia. When ammonia and chlorine are mixed it creates ‘combined chlorine’ and is responsible for foul chlorine odors, burning eyes and other unpleasant, unhealthy conditions. Sweat and plant matter that blow into the pool also create ammonia. This is the reason you must ‘shock’ the pool after heavy use or a strong wind that blows in leaves and such. ‘Shocking’ the pool causes the chlorine in the pool to release the ammonia, and prevent these unpleasant problems.
With an ionized pool you will never experience any negative side effects of ammonia in the pool, whether it is from urine, sweat or other organic matter. That’s because without the chlorine the ammonia stays in its natural state. Eventually it gasses off or degrades unnoticed, leaving no trace.
The organic contaminants can introduce phosphates into the water, so you may need a phosphate eliminator, (ZeroPhos®, NoPhos®, LoPhos®, etc.) to help prevent algae. Our complete chemical free pool test kit includes a phosphate level test, so you can easily test for this once or twice a year.
Calcium hardness and alkalinity levels can go much higher than with other chemical treatment systems, without affecting the performance of the system.