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Well Water Systems


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Well Water Systems & Filters

We don’t try to constantly sell you more products. Instead, we focus on solving your water problems in the least expensive, most practical way. We truly want to help prevent problems before they occur. Please call us with any water treatment issues you may have and we will help you get the best results with the least amount of effort, whether you wish to use chemicals or a chemical-free water filtration system.

760-727-0769 9am to 7pm Pacific time, 7 days FREE WATER TESTING! SEND US A WATER SAMPLE and we will analyze your water FOR FREE! NO OBLIGATION! We will make our recommendations, then you can decide where you want to go from there. [/intro]

[product-start] [title]Our Most Popular System: Oxy / Ion Well Water Treatment[/title] [product id="115"] [description]The BEST Chemical FREE Technology Get Rid of Problems In Your Water; IRON - BACTERIA - HEAVY METALS - PESTICIDES - FUEL OILS - HYDROGEN SULFIDE (Rotten Egg Smell) - SAND and SEDIMENT - THE BEST TASTING WATER! WITHOUT ANY CHEMICALS! GUARANTEED To Perform to Your Satisfaction or Upgrades are FREE! Gives you GREAT TASTING WATER with all the HEALTHY MINERALS still in it![/description] [product_url id="115"] [product-end] [product-start]

[title]The Whole House Io Exchange Water Softener for Problem Well Water Removes Iron, Manganese and Hardness[/title]

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Well Water Systems by Clarity Water Products


CALL US with your water symptoms - or - LOOK FOR YOUR PROBLEM and pick the filter that's best for you Quality water is just a click away!

well water systems spa and water treatment filters

Common well water contaminants:

  1. IRON (rusty red, brown or yellow stains)
  2. IRON BACTERIA and/or SULFUR BACTERIA (orange or black slippery film)
  3. HYDROGEN SULFIDE (rotten egg smell)
  4. HIGH CALCIUM HARDNESS (white or yellow scale)
  5. MANGANESE (black stains)
  6. TANNINS (cloudy water, slippery film)
  7. NITRATES or SULFATES (health hazard)
  9. COLIFORM BACTERIA (health hazard)
IRON: Iron causes light yellow to rusty red staining outside your home from your landscaping sprinklers and inside your house in your sinks, on all your plumbing fixtures, and especially inside your bathroom toilet. Iron is commonly found with other contaminants, so be sure to check for other symptoms while deciding on which whole house well filters to order or when designing your own system.FILTERS THAT REMOVE IRON: Iron Man, Maxi-Cure, OXY / ION WELL, Reverse Osmosis, THE CHLORINE FEEDER SANITIZER
IRON BACTERIA / SULFUR BACTERIA: Identified by the dark yellow to black slime inside plumbing, at water spigots and inside toilet tanks, it is often accompanied by bad odors.BACTERIA TREATMENTS: THE CHLORINE FEEDER SANITIZER, WELL TANK OZONATOR, UV TREATMENT
HYDROGEN SULFIDE: It's that rotten egg smell you get every morning when you first turn on a faucet and is almost always there when you do the laundry or fill the bathtub.SOLUTIONS FOR HYDROGEN SULFIDE: Iron Man, OXY / ION WELL, Reverse Osmosis, THE CHLORINE FEEDER SANITIZER
HIGH CALCIUM / HARD WATER: These are the scale build-ups around your faucets, especially at the aerator, and spots on all your glassware. They also include that tint inside your washing machine when your laundry just doesn't get as clean as you'd like.SOLVING YOUR HARD WATER HEADACHES: SOFTENER, Iron Man, OXY / ION WELL, Reverse Osmosis, THE CHLORINE FEEDER SANITIZER
MANGANESE: Involves Black 'trails' where water runs down a surface, black staining of porcelain surfaces and around metal fixtures.WHAT WE DO FOR MANGANESE: Iron Man, OXY / ION WELL, Reverse Osmosis, THE CHLORINE FEEDER SANITIZER
TANNINS: These are caused by plants, mold, algae or animals in your water or their decayed remains.LET'S GET RID OF THIS! Iron Man, OXY / ION WELL, Reverse Osmosis, THE CHLORINE FEEDER SANITIZER
NITRATES / SULFATES: These byproducts of animal waste or fertilizers present known health hazards and must be under the EPA limits of 44ppm (as Nitrogen) for all potable well water systems. The Nitrate Water Softener - 10 x 54 tank, Electronic Control Valve, On-Demand regeneration, 400 lb salt reserve. NEW! - NITRATE SELECTIVE RESIN - Removes these toxic health hazards from your water.
ARSENIC: This poison can be a real heart-stopper! Our ARSENIC MASTER removes the toxic Arsenic for your peace of mind and health. The Arsenic Master has a 10 x 54 tank, electronic control valve, on-demand regeneration, and a 400 lb. salt reserve.
COLIFORM BACTERIA: DO NOT drink the water if your well tests positive for even ONE Coliform Bacteria! They are highly hazardous to your health and require immediate action with a well water system.CHOOSE FROM THESE SYSTEMS TO ELIMINATE COLIFORM AND MAKE YOUR WATER SAFE: OXY / ION WELL, Reverse Osmosis, THE CHLORINE FEEDER SANITIZER, UV TREATMENT
All of our water filtration systems are easy to install. Plumb into your main line at the house or at the well. Our technical support personnel are available seven days a week, 10 hours a day, to assist you with your installation. Toilets, water heaters, coffee makers, dishwashers and ice makers work better, stay cleaner and use less energy with our whole house well water filters. Avoid scale and corrosion, which are the single greatest causes of equipment failure. Good water means you use less soap and your cleaning products work better and more efficiently. Ensure that your sidewalks, fences and walls stay clean and your countertops, faucets and plumbing fixtures always look good [product_category category="well-water" per_page="12" columns="3" orderby="date" order="desc"] Other filter options are available.Just call with your application and we will be happy to help you choose which products and technologies are best for you. 100% Product, Performance and Satisfaction Guaranteed! Always!

Well Water Systems & Natural Spa Products