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The Benefits of Natural Spa Products

The Benefits of Natural Spa Products

No one likes to deal with a nasty case of hot tub rash. After all, your hot tub is supposed to be your place to relax, de-stress and unwind; a place for comforting relief from the aches and pains of life. But with high heat and harsh chemicals hot tub rash becomes a real possibility. This doesn’t have to be the case. By switching to natural spa treatments relaxation and comfort can be achieved without irritation or fear of hot tub rash.

Hot tub rash is basically caused by the pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria. This bacterium is plentiful and commonly found in water and soil. It appears as itchy spots on the skin that morph into a red, bumpy, rash. Swimsuits can actually make the rash worse since they can hold the bacteria closer to the skin for longer periods of time. Usually the rash will clear up on its own within a few days and is rarely serious, but it is uncomfortable and troublesome. When water is not properly maintained the bacteria flourishes, making hot tub rash inevitable.

The most effective way to avoid hot tub rash is to not use caustic and poisonous chemicals. Traditional harsh chemicals can also damage spa equipment and degrade covers. What’s more, if the balance of chemicals is slightly off, the bacteria will grow. Keeping hot tub water bacteria free becomes an unwelcome balancing act.

By switching to natural spa treatments, like those found in Clarity Water Products Natural Spa kits, water purity is easily maintained without the harsh side effects of traditional chemicals. Hot tub rash caused by harsh chemicals becomes a thing of the past and the water is clean whenever you go to use your spa. No testing or balancing. With natural spa treatments it is easier to maintain clean water and enjoy your hot tub.

Having a hot tub is a wonderful perk in life. Hot tubs provide therapeutic relaxation and comfort on a daily basis. When the usual chemicals are swapped out for natural spa treatments the hot tub will have wonderfully clean water without fear of the dreaded hot tub rash.

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