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Cleaning Your Hot Tub

Cleaning Your Hot Tub

Don’t spend way too much money on expensive spa cleaners from your pool & spa store – automatic dish-washing detergent works just as well, if not better. Most spa cleaners are just like dish-washing detergent, but cost much more. Add 4 ounces for every 100 gallons of hot tub water 4 hours before you drain; you can leave it in overnight or longer. It doesn’t foam and rinses clean, and I have used the spa with the detergent in it with no irritation or discomfort and got a great bath!

If you have been using Biguanides, (BaquaSpa, Free, Soft Swim, Revacil, etc.) alkaline detergents won’t do the job. Only Crystal Clean, our exclusive Citric Acid hot tub cleaning product will dissolve the “peanut butter” residue left behind by the Biguanide and clean the fibers of your filters.

As you are draining the hot tub rinse and wipe it down, and run clean water into the filter area to flush the plumbing. When the basin of your spa has clean water in it you can stop draining and continue filling with the fresh water.

Draining is quick and easy with the Quick Drain, which requires no power or hose hookup, and drains your spa at a rate of 8 to 10 gallons per minute, (available online at

Use the same automatic dish-washing detergent for cleaning your filters. You can put your filters in the dishwasher without fear of harm; just do not run the heat drying cycle as it may distort the plastic ends. You can also soak your filters in a bucket of water with 1 to 2 ounces of automatic dish-washing detergent dissolved into the water. For extra cleaning add an ounce of bleach to the bucket of water and soak the filters overnight.

When refilling your spa it is a good idea to super Chlorinate the new water to destroy Chloramines, tannins, bacteria, metals, odors and organics. Just add 3 to 5 ounces of regular Chlorine bleach for every 100 gallons of water to do the job. The bleach will be gone in 1 ½ days or so; if it lasts longer then you know to use less next time you refill, and if it’s gone in less than 1 ½ days you may need to add more.

If you have well water you may need to adjust the pH to 7.2 so the Chlorine does its job; adding white vinegar will lower the pH temporarily without having to buy any harsh chemicals.

Now that your spa is nice and clean, consider using a non-toxic water treatment instead of those harsh, expensive chemicals you’ve been buying, and save yourself the time and trouble of always checking and balancing the water, dry skin and hair, skin and eye irritation and wear and tear on your spa and swim suits. Clarity Water Products was first to introduce alternative water treatments to the hot tub market in 1995, and has the finest natural hot tub treatments on the market: Natural Spa and Mineral Spa - available online at , or call 800-860-2477; noon ‘till 10 pm Eastern time, 7 days.

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