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Well Water Systems: Common Contaminants and Getting Rid of Them

Well Water Systems: Common Contaminants and Getting Rid of Them

Of the millions of households that rely on well water systems for their family’s water, many people are under the impression that because their well water has passed the two tests mandated by health authorities that their water is safe and not harmful. In fact, there are many issues that people experience with well water due to the substances that it contains. Because many of these substances are colorless and odorless health problems can easily become a real concern. The Countless Substances in Your Well Water If you’ve never sought out more information about what is within your well water, it is always advisable to be well informed about any possible contaminants. Some of the most common contaminants that you should be aware of are:
  • Hydrogen Sulfide – Well water is notorious for sometimes smelling like rotten eggs, and hydrogen sulfide is the culprit when it comes to this issue. As you may suspect, this can make your water rather unhealthy, especially in large amounts.
  • Bacteria – Bacteria is another common contaminant found within well water. It is typically easy to detect because you will see a yellow or brown film forming in your water closet, however some strains aren’t always easy to notice. Health code requires testing only for Coliform bacteria, while other strains left untreated can lead to health issues.
  • Iron – If you find that your water has a metallic taste to it, or have brown staining in your sinks and bowl you are definitely having issues with iron in your water supply. While water with iron in it is thought to be safe for consumption, you may also be consuming iron bacteria and other metals.
  • Nitrates – Nitrates are among the most serious health issues related to well water, as the consumption of mass amounts causes severe problems with your blood circulation, which if left untreated can cause death. Individuals may also experience shortness of breath if they consume this substance regularly. Health codes require that your nitrates be below a certain level.
How to Remedy Well Water Systems issues? When you need to treat your well water systems without compromising your health, you need a reliable source with proven, tested results that can be trusted. Clarity Water Products has been providing top notch chemical-free water treatment systems and products for the past 18 years and is still going strong. Our technical support personnel are available 7 days a week to assist you with your questions or concerns. By removing the harmful substances in your water that can compromise the integrity of your home, and most importantly your health, you can you be sure that your water is one thing you won’t have to worry about! For more information about our products visit or contact us at 800.860.2477

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