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Purify Your Water with a Fluoride Filter

Purify Your Water with a Fluoride Filter

It goes without saying; the water in your home is by far one of your most important resources. Clean water makes for clean living. Your body absorbs any chemicals that are in the water you drink or bathe in. These chemicals and impurities dissolve into the water as it travels from its origin to your faucet, and some are even added by your water treatment plant. Installing a Whole House Filter System helps ensure you always have pristine, clean water to use and enjoy.

What is a Fluoride Water Filter? Fluoride water filters differ from traditional filters in that they contain special media which only removes fluoride from your water. Many companies use Alumina to remove Fluoride, which is not a good idea; Aluminum products are highly suspect of leading to Alzheimer’s disease. Alumina is also affected by the pH of the water, and may only remove half the Fluoride or less. We use Hydroxyl Appetite; a naturally produced media that is more expensive but much more effective over a wide pH range, so you know it’s doing its job. A Carbon Whole House Filter removes Chlorine, heavy metals, dirt and more solid substances, but not Fluoride. A Carbon Filter installed ahead of the Fluoride Filter removes these unwanted contaminants, and insure the longest life and best performance from your Fluoride removal media. Adding a Fluoride Filter to your traditional Whole House Filter saves you from daily exposure to this unfriendly, unwanted chemical.

A Whole House Filter and Fluoride Filter combination provides the highest level of fluoride filtering for all the drinking and bathing water in your home. Our Whole House Fluoride system ensures you’re getting the cleanest, healthiest water possible with minimal muss or fuss. The systems do not reduce water pressure and can absorb contaminants for many years under normal use. Keeping your family healthy and safe requires attention to all of the details, so don’t forget about the cleanliness of your water! For more information about our Fluoride Water Filters and other Chemical Free water products please visit or contact us at 800.860.2477 with your questions.

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