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What’s in Your Hot Tub?

What’s in Your Hot Tub?

For many couples, nothing could be more romantic than spending an evening in a hot tub, relaxing and maybe sharing a bottle of wine. Although this practice is perfectly natural, the chemicals found in hot tubs are not. While the use of hot tub chemicals has not been deemed unsafe, here are some hazard warnings about the common chemicals found in your hot tub, and some au naturel solutions to consider. Chlorine is commonly used as a disinfectant in hot tubs and swimming pools in the United States, but the reactions that occur between inorganic and organic matter in the disinfection process produce what are known as DBPs—disinfection byproducts. Chlorine reacts with urea (a component found in sweat and in urine) and other nitrogen-containing wastes that are excreted from the skin of even the most hygienic hot tub users. This reaction produces chloramines. Over time, those chloramines produce N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA); a chemical that can act as a carcinogen in humans. Chloramines are the culprit behind that harsh, acrid, chemical odor that you frequently experience in pools and spas. Consider that the powerful oxidizing properties of chlorine gas – now used primarily in swimming pool water purification – were previously used as a weapon in World War I. In addition, there are a few cases in which ceilings of indoor swimming pools were known to have collapsed due to chlorine-induced corrosion of the steel reinforcing rods. There are, however, natural hot tub chemicals available. Many people prefer to use bromine in their hot tubs rather than chlorine because it is more stable at higher temperatures. You should know, however, that Bromine is even more damaging to the skin, the body and the central nervous system than Chlorine. When looking for natural solutions in pool and hot tub hygiene, an enzyme solution will keep your hot tub clean without all the hazardous toxins or horrendous smells, while Oxy/Ion systems are the way to go for your swimming pool. For more information about our natural hot tub chemical solutions and chemical free pools please visit or contact us at 800.860.2477 with any questions.

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