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Natural Pool Sand Filters

Natural Pool Sand Filters

One of the most challenging aspects of owning a pool is keeping the water clean and clear. While a natural, non-toxic pool system is a great way of maintaining your pool – and your health – it is also important to have a good device for filtering your pool water. Dirty pool water can be just as big a concern as untreated pool water, and the filter is what keeps the water looking pristine and fresh. At Clarity Water Products, we’re big fans of pool sand filters. Here’s why:

Natural Solution

Sand is a natural, non-harmful filter for water. Instead of an artificial substance being manufactured, used, and discarded, sand is a naturally-occurring material that poses no threat to the environment. It is just as effective as any other solution, but comes with a far smaller environmental impact and is as natural as sand on the beach.

Ease of Use

Pool sand filters don’t have to be cleaned by hand and replaced every year. Instead, your sand filter keeps a pool filtered and clean for up to eight years, depending on your usage. In other words, you’re spending less money and time on a solution that’s easier to maintain, and still with the results you’re looking for. Thus, pool sand filters give you high performance at a lower cost. We do not sell sand filters or pool equipment, but we do have chemical-free systems for your pool that work very well with proper filtration, which is what you get with a sand filter.

Our goal is always creating natural, safe, and environmentally-friendly solutions for keeping water fresh and clean. Whether it’s a home filtration system for the water you use to cook and drink, or chemical free ways to keep your pool looking beautiful, we strive to provide functional and effective solutions that have minimal to zero negative side effects. For us, the priority is always on being a green company that delivers green yet effective solutions. For information about our chemical free water treatment products please visit or contact us at 800.860.2477.

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