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Avoid Harsh Hot Tub Chemicals

Avoid Harsh Hot Tub Chemicals

There’s nothing more relaxing that soaking in your hot tub after a long day. Hot tubs have a way of helping us let our worries go and find peace in our hectic world. However, harsh hot tub chemicals and cleaners dry out your skin and make your hot tub experience just a little less enjoyable. Instead, consider using an all-natural hot tub cleaning solution that gives you crisp, clear water without the negative side effects. There are big benefits to relying on all-natural solutions for hot tub cleaning. Here are a few: No Chemicals in Your Home If you use hot tub chemicals to keep your hot tub clean, that means you have to store toxic chemicals somewhere in your home. These chemicals can be a danger to you, your children, and your pets. With an all-natural solution, however, there’s no need to worry about the dangers of keeping highly poisonous substances in your house. Better Results Natural enzyme solutions can give you cleaner, more comfortable water that doesn’t need to be pH balanced or shocked. One simple application is enough to give you clean water without suffering the dry skin, and chemical odors associated with hot tub chemicals. Our natural hot tub solution even has a coconut oil moisturizer built right into the formula. Less Maintenance One application of a natural, enzyme-based hot tub cleaner is enough to keep your hot tub clean and clear for months at a time. Our natural treatment gathers up solid contaminants and sweeps them into the filter, meaning you never have to scrub filth out of your hot tub and you won’t have to worry about the water when you leave for vacation or get distracted with a busy month. Overall, there are huge advantages to natural hot tub solutions and they come with none of the drawbacks of harsh hot tub chemicals. Natural solutions truly are your best option for healthy, clean hot tub water. For more information about chemical free water treatment please visit or contact Clarity Water Products at 800.860.2477.

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