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Chemical-Free Pool Systems

Posted by Cal Robinson on

It is unfortunate that so many of us have come to associate swimming pools with irritated skin and red, itchy eyes. That’s because chlorine and other harsh chemicals have been the go-to solution for keeping pools clean for decades, so most homeowners with pools rarely give pool treatments a second thought. Because chemicals treatments are widely accepted as the way to keep pools clean, many pool owners just assume that there’s no better or safer way to treat your pool water, and believe that if you want a clean pool, you need to use chlorine. But that’s not exactly accurate, as innovations in the world of water treatment provide solutions that allow you to keep your pool just as clean, and safer, without the harsh, dangerous chemicals. Chemical-free pool systems are available that provide you with excellent results minus the negative side effects you get by dousing yourself with chlorine every time you take a swim. Water Oxidation At Clarity Water Products we have powerful pool cleaners that don’t require any harsh chemicals at all. Instead, our technology relies on natural minerals that ionize the water in your pool, keeping it free of germs and bacteria without the need for toxic chemicals. Our chemical-free pool systems can also be set to “oxidize,” a setting that keeps the water clean and clear without adding corrosive oxidizing chemicals. Both solutions are safe for your family, have no negative side effects, and don’t require you to store hazardous chemicals on your property. Our chemical-free pool systems offer another big benefit: Cost-effectiveness. Unlike chlorine and other chemical treatments, you don’t have to continually buy more cleaning products. Instead, ionization electrodes need replacing only once every few years, providing your pool a lifetime of clean water at a fraction of the maintenance cost. No longer is the only option for a clean pool chlorine and other hazardous substances. For more information about how to keep your pool safe, clean, and healthy with the right products please visit or contact us at 800.860.2477 with any questions.

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