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Mineral Spa Conversion Kit

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Mineral Spa Conversion Kit
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Mineral Spa is a dissolved ionic mineral salt. It is a magnetic sulfate mineral solution that is extracted through an acid sulfate process from one of the rarest, and most mineral-rich Biotite (Black Mica) sources on this planet. Mineral Spa precipitates many dissolved contaminants within the water, to be filtered out. Mineral Spa also converts other dissolved contaminants in the water into inert matter.

You can Purify, Micro-cluster, Structure, and Optimize any water simply by adding Mineral Spa! Functions of Mineral Spa in self-contained, filtered, circulating water:

 Adds Magnetic Minerals which increase the elements needed for optimum catalytic functions

 Unwanted elements are bound and eliminated

 Improves removal of Chlorine, Fluoride, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Plastics, Solvents, Heavy Metals & Pathogens

 Improves removal of viruses, harmful bacteria and parasites through deposition  Removes cellular waste residues

 Activates oxygen and increases assimilation of all nutrients

 Optimizes all enzymatic functions Dosage Add 3 OUNCES to every 100 gallons of water

Depending on the mineral content of the source water there may be discoloration of the water, often seen as a grayish or peachy color. The visible substance is inert and harmless and your filter will capture this agglutinated material. With over 80 trace minerals in solution, Mineral Spa also provides one of the most complete mineral matrices that Nature has to offer. In conjunction with the physical activity and filtration in your spa, Mineral Spa improves your water in many ways.

 Impurities are neutralized or removed

 Organic contaminants are bound up and filtered out

 Oxygen is activated

 Color is enhanced

 Odors are eliminated

The result is great water that is mineral-rich, hydrating, and detoxifying. This honorable mineral solution is so powerful that we now are able to provide 3rd world countries the ability to purify some of the most contaminated water on this Earth.

Note: You will most likely need more Non-Chlorine Shock before you need more Mineral Spa – We recommend that you add at least one or two extra bags of Chlorine-Free Shock to your order to take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING you will qualify for with this order.


When mixed with water, the minerals in Mineral Spa dissolve and become part of the water. Mineral Spa minerals work to purify the water. Dissolved contaminants in the water become visible. They become solid, to be filtered out, and never mix back into the water. In other words, while in this state they can never dissolve again. Virtually all waters show signs of dissolved contaminants. Mineral Spa is amazing at revealing contamination while making the water safer, cleaner, and healthier. Mineral Spa cleans up the impurities in water.

Complete Mineral Spa Instructions in PDF format


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