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Natural Alternatives for Spa Water Treatment

Natural Alternatives for Spa Water Treatment

Most spa owners who use chlorine or bromine for spa water treatment eventually suffer from a variety of chemical sensitivities or allergies. Sitting in chemically treated pool or spa water can be harmful by leading to hot tub folliculitis, also known as “hot tub rash”, which is caused by bacterial infection or chemical irritation of the hair follicles. However, when seeking to remedy the problem, forgoing all treatments in favor of a relaxing, natural spa is not the answer. Untreated water quickly becomes cloudy and smelly. Natural Spa Chemical Alternatives Minerals There are alternatives to chemicals, however. Spa water treatment can come in many forms, some of which are far more natural. While spa chemicals are one way to treat your spa water, mineral-based spa water treatment is another, healthier way. There are, for example, copper-ion systems that use low-voltage current to add copper, zinc, and silver ions to the water, which creates an inhospitable environment for bacteria and algae at low-risk to you or your loved ones. Enzymes Another alternative method of spa water treatment is enzyme water treatment. Because enzymes break organic matter down into its most basic components it is often used to clean oil spills in the ocean. Enzyme treatments are effective in reducing foaming in hot tubs and swimming pools and in breaking down the various oils secreted from their users, i.e. sweat, sunscreen, tanning lotion, skin moisturizer, or hair conditions. These oils have the potential to circulate into a pool or hot tubs’ filter and slowly accumulate over time to cause mechanical problems. Regardless of pre-spa routine, showering, etc, natural skin oil will spread to the spa water leading to the eventual replacement of your filter. Enzyme spa water is also a great way to reduce – or even prevent – the occurrence of bio film, bathtub ring, foam, or clouding. For more information about our natural solutions please visit or contact us at 800.860.2477 with any questions.

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